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Okay, I'm done fawning. Let's get back to the scene. So Caroline berates the girls for inept floral placement or some such. Once they're gone, Klaus finds his Pony Princess. He's wondering what time he should pick her up for their promised date, tomorrow. Caroline was hoping for a movie date, during which they wouldn't have to talk to each other, but Klaus wants to accompany the reigning Miss Mystic Falls to the pageant. After he rubs in the "fact" of Tyler's indiscretion with Hayley, Caroline acquiesces, but insists that Klaus not get her so much as a corsage. Klaus agrees with a smile. "I'll see you tomorrow, Caroline." We cut to...

Some barn. I'm just going to pretend this is Pastor Cliche's barn, if that's okay with you. Hayley watches a young woman, Kim (Alyssa Diaz), who is in chains because the writers are trying to troll more than one ethic minority, don't you know. All right, sidebar...

The few times I've exchanged messages with Julie Plec, my overriding thought has been what a nice woman she is. I am sure she, Williamson, and their crew are NOT a bunch of raving racists, but really, the portrayal of minorities on this show must improve. Anyone who isn't Bonnie typically ends up dead. Granted, Kim isn't getting killed in this scene. Hayley is helping this hybrid break her sire bond to Klaus, but just seeing this young woman in chains is the close to the last straw for me. While I love Plec and crew, love this show, and hate when "fans" issue threats and other vile garbage to anyone on Team TVD, I am going to harangue the hell out of the show for its treatment of minorities until it improves. I know you can do better, Show. I know you can. Do so. Please.

So, yes, Hayley is encouraging Kim to break her sire bond, but Kim is finding it more annoying than encouraging. She thinks she's suffering now? She should have watched The Secret Circle. Hayley exposits about how turning 'til it no longer hurts will break the sire bond, but we already know that song.

Tyler shows up at tells Hayley about Caroline's pageant date with Klaus, which will buy them another day to help unsire the hybrids. While Kim screams in bone-breaking agony, Hayley suggests that they attend the pageant, together. Her excuse is that it will help them keep up their romance ruse, but we know she has designs on Tyler, because have you seen Michael Trevino? (Note to vision-impaired readers: he's sick hot.) Even as her bones continue to break, Kim screams at the two, in frustration. "GUYS, LIKE THIS ISN'T TORTURE ENOUGH! CAN YOU TAKE IT OUTSIDE?" Oh my word. I love her. Can we keep her, Show? You know how I just told you to do better. Here's your chance. M'kay? Ignoring Kim, Hayley tilts her head and bats her eyelashes at Tyler. He considers her for a moment then says, "Fine. We'll go." On his way out, he adds, "Wear a dress."

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