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Damon appears at the door and puts in a vote for the red dress. Caroline throws something at him, but it's nothing that does any damage to his pretty face. As she marches toward him, Damon says he's looking for Professor Shane. Caroline tells him to check the judges table and then tries to slam the door in his face, but Damon pushes it back open and tells April, "The red one. Definitely." When Caroline says they've already agreed the red is too showy, Damon says showiness is the point of pageants. Caroline: "Did you win Miss Mystic, last year? No. I don't think you did." Damon: "Neither did Elena." He turns to April and adds, "And she wore blue." There's some more back and forth and an interjection from April. When Damon asks Elena her opinion, her voice is falters. "The red is pretty." Damon nods and smiles. "And my work here is done." Once he's gone, Caroline turns to Elena and wonders how she switched her opinion so quickly. This gives Elena pause, but she shakes it off and tells April to choose the one she wants to wear, and then walks out, leaving Caroline to ask, "What just happened?"

Elena follows Damon down the stairs. Softly, slowly, she says they need to talk. Damon: "Stefan told me about the breakup. I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm not." Elena asks what he said. Damon: "Oh you know Stefan. They guy just went on and on about it. He wouldn't shut up." That's not true at all, right? I mean, he said they broke up, and he tried to get away from Damon, and then he just told Damon not to pretend it wasn't the best day of his life. Oh Damon, you're such a 'shipper that you're substituting fanon for canon.

Elena looks at Damon. "So, he didn't tell you why?" Damon: "Nope, although I'm sure it has something to do with you acting weird, so why don't you tell me?" When Elena says, "You..." all the emotions cross Damon's face. I know I like to poke fun at Damon's eye-thing, even though I get a kick out of it, but this, right here -- this is a world apart. Somerhalder's expressions convey more than words or his usual eye-thing antics, or even words and eye-thing antics combined. At first, there's a soft, but reflexive smile. Then Elena's answer actually hits his brain, you know, and it's almost like he's concerned (it must have hit his 'shipper center). Next, he narrows his eyes and searches Elena's face for meaning. When he gets it, he still can't believe it. Finally he lets a whispered, "Huh," pass his lips. He almost wants to smile but doesn't. Then stupid Professor Shane comes in and spoils the moment. My daughter and I are convinced he's evil. Damon looks at Elena like Oh God, don't go anywhere and don't change your mind. I'll be right back as he follows Shane. Once Damon is gone, Elena looks like she's not quite sure why she told him anything.

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