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Exterior. Shane and Damon stroll the grounds sipping champagne, as Damon says he's looking for another Hunter. When Shane says he thought Damon already had a "Potential" Damon says, "I did, but he ended up being potentially a problem." Shane claims he can't help. Damon wonders why Shane is there -- what he's up to. Shane: "You think too highly of me, Damon. I'm going to go find the other judges." Damon stops him and says, "Hey, no pity votes for April Young, okay? I mean, just because her dad blew up a house with a dozen people in it doesn't mean she should get a tiara." When Shane shoots Damon a look, Damon continues: "But you knew him, didn't you -- 'cause I hear you two racked up a pretty impressive phone bill."

Shane tells Damon if he wants to know something, he should just ask it. I agree. That's how people on this show used to talk to each other -- like people. Oh, not Damon. This is par for the course with Damon. But in general, these characters used to be written such that they avoided the frustrating non-revelatory conversations which plague so many fictional characters. Anyhow, Damon takes Shane up on his challenge. "Okay. How did you convince the pastor to kill all those people?" Shane: "Did you just accuse me of mass murder in the middle of a high school pageant?" Well yeah, but it's a Mystic Falls high school pageant, Shane, so I don't think Damon's question is a problem for Miss Manners.

Carol Lockwood takes the microphone and welcomes her guests to this year's pageant. As she blahs about community leaders-in-the-making, Shane walks away from Damon, who watches him go with a mixture of concern and contempt.

Jeremy enters the old Lockwood ruins. Since Stefan's text just said to meet at the Lockwood cellar, I can't help but think it would have been a hoot if Jeremy had gone to the Lockwood's current home and spent the last 2/3s of the episode wandering around in the dark, calling for Stefan, but that's probably because I'm still having trouble getting into this episode.

Stefan presents Jeremy with his freshly made almost vampire. After some soft sell revolving around restoring Elena's humanity, Stefan pulls out a knife, cuts Jeremy, and forces his blood into the chained up Unrepentant Killer's mouth. When Jeremy finally manages to pull away, Stefan presents him with a stake. Jeremy is horrified. "Was this all so I could stake him?" Stefan: "Do you think I want to do this, Jeremy? Look at me. I hate this. I don't want to do this, but your sister isn't supposed to be a vampire, and we need to help her." Gesturing toward his prisoner, Stefan adds, "He's a murderer, and he will gladly kill again, so do it, Jeremy. Kill him."

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