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With the prisoner's chains now unhooked from the cell bars, Stefan holds them like reins. I start hearing the, "My Little Pony" jingle. Jeremy does not, so he screams at Stefan. "What are you doing? What the hell is wrong with you?" He's a Brony, Jeremy. A Brony! No wonder Elena's feelings for Damon have intensified. Stefan is a frigging Brony. Perhaps I shouldn't be so judgmental. It's likely Klaus compelled Stefan into Bronyism.

Stefan tells Jeremy to stake the vampire, or he'll remove the chains entirely. When Stefan gives him some slack, My Little Prisoner lunges at Jeremy who stakes him, but misses the heart. I hear Buffy tell Dawn that it's okay, she missed the heart her first time, too, but when I go to the relevant scene in the "Lessons" recap, I find that Sep didn't bother to either include or even mention that line. I really hate when I find one of my favorite recappers has failed to set me up for a link 10+ years prior to when my current episode aired, and seven years prior to when my show premiered. Thanks, Sep. Thanks a lot. You just wait and see if I ever give you a good setup for one of your Buffy recaps. Um.

Jeremy stakes and stakes and stakes My Little Prisoner until he's finally dead. I wish these vampires would poof the way the Sunnydale vampires did. Stefan finally has to call off Jeremy. I think for a moment that Jeremy might charge at Stefan next, but instead, he takes us to the Olive Garden...commercial.

Pageant. Caroline is bussing tables and the berating the waiters. Next she barks at the orchestra to be a little more upbeat. And I'm supposed to recognize what they're playing. Everyone else on the entire internet does, but I don't, and I forgot to note what they're playing. Thankfully, Klaus saves me from myself and by calling Caroline's attention to the fact that Tyler has just arrived and he's walking hand-in-hand with Hayley. Joseph Morgan somehow manages to convince me that Klaus is simultaneously thrilled by this development, and broken hearted on Caroline's behalf. Caroline is probably acting, but not only acting disturbed to see her boy holding another girl's hand. She turns to Klaus and says, "Let's just get today over with." Amen, sister. Amen.

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