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O Come, All Ye Faithful

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O Come, All Ye Faithful
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Friday afternoon, I sat down to recap "O Come, All Ye Faithful." Since the show is on holiday hiatus, my plan was to burn through this episode earlier than I usually do and enjoy my time off. I turned on the TV -- not as a stall tactic; I need to watch the show as I recap it. The thing is, the set was tuned to MSNBC. I don't think I changed the channel 'til I shut off the TV, late that night. The Sandy Hook Elementary School slayings are still all I can think about. I can't get those poor babies (and their families) and the heroic faculty members (and their families) out of my mind. And I shouldn't be able to. When something like this happens (and God, how sick is it that there have been other somethings "like this") I shouldn't ever be able to forget it. I am sure I wouldn't feel like recapping any episode of any show right now, but just thinking of Klaus ripping out all those hearts is... I can't go there. I can't make myself put in words all of the thoughts that gallop through my mind when I think of this episode and that scene, in particular.

We (TWoP writers) usually assign headlines (the sometimes-snarky faux titles) to our episodes. Thursday night, when I wrote the recaplet, I gave "The Loneliest Snowflake" to "O Come, All Ye Faithful" (OCAYF). The most obvious associations are both Klaus and his painting. The events of OCAYF have left some of our other characters feeling terribly alone, too. The "special snowflake" meme has been around TV fandom for an age. During last week's focus on the sire bond, my daughter rolled her eyes and said something like, "Being such a special snowflake, of course Elena is one of few vampires ever to develop this rare bond." Then, when Damon was digging through his New Orleans mementos and revealed that another vampire he turned also suffered from sire bond, my daughter said, "Oh, so Damon is the special snowflake." We laughed, and it was on my mind when OCAYF began, so the headline came right to me. Now I hate it. I'm changing it. I don't know to what, yet. I might just use the episode title.

I'm getting rid of the blurb, too. I'm getting rid of the blurb, because I wrote: "Is there anything lonelier than Christmas in Mystic Falls?" Well yes, damn it, because there's real loneliness, and pain and loss. Right now, I flat out refuse to feel sorry for a bunch of fictional people and monsters, yet I don't feel like mocking loneliness either. I think of all the survivors, both in Newtown, CT and beyond. How many people have just had their hearts ripped out? How many more do each day, that don't get so much coverage? Do you see what I mean about discussing this episode?

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