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O Come, All Ye Faithful

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O Come, All Ye Faithful

After taking all this in, Elena says, "So it's a cure for immortality?" Um sweetie, if it is, I'd think long and hard about taking it, at least before testing it on some vampire we don't care for. You have to die in order to become a vampire. If your immortality is cured, shouldn't that render you truly dead since you already died? Shane doesn't care about all that. Instead, he says that human blood is the life force of an immortal. "No more immortality, no more need to feed on human blood. You dig up Silas, you've got your cure." Uncharacteristically quiet, Damon just listens.

Lockwood Ruins. Cellar. Caroline is complaining to Kim when Stefan's phone rings. Care Bear has a moment of foolish, if not false bravado, and zoops up into Kim's face. Caroline, all she has to do is take a little nibble out of you. Why would she find your actions anything but annoying? Anyhow, it's Damon on the phone. He tells Stefan they have an answer to his "Tyler problem." When Stefan hangs up the phone, he tells Caroline they no longer need the sword.

Using Jeremy's sketch, Shane explains the hunter's mark to Elena and Damon. He says the symbols in the vines are the map, but they no longer need that. When the mark is complete, it will contain the spell they need to dig up Silas. Damon: "And where'd you say he was buried? Oh, I forgot. You didn't." Shane: "You've threatened to kill me -- what -- three times, already this week. Location is how I'm going to survive your bad moods." I wish Alaric was here to hear that. He'd laugh and laugh.

Elena asks Shane what's in it for him. He claims he's in it for Silas, who, until now has only been myth. When Damon snarks that Shane should write a thesis, Shane says, "Would you rather be the guy who writes about Noah's Ark or the one who sails it down the Hudson River?" I'm not sure of Noah's Ark's actual location, but surely there are bodies of water nearer to it than the Hudson. Damon ignores this, looks at Elena and says, "I'm not buying it." I hope her sire bond is sensitive enough, that she too remains at least somewhat skeptical of Shane. Shane says they don't have buy it. They just have to believe they can fix Jeremy. When his hunter's mark is complete, Shane is going to take it to the cure.

Mystic Grill. Caroline enters the ladies room. Hayley and Tyler follow her in. When Ty asks how Caroline got out, she says, "I got out, because even your idiot hybrids recognize the stupidity of your alpha hybrid murder plan." Tyler refuses to fight, but she begs to differ. They're going to do plenty of fighting once he shoves Klaus in someone else's body. Tyler reminds Caroline he doesn't have another body. Caroline: "Well I do. [...] Rebekah. She's got a dagger in her. Stefan has been hiding her coffin in the tunnels. We dump Klaus into her body, bury her, and we've just killed two original birds with one stone." Hayley lamely complains that it's too late to change the plan. What, Hayley, the witch you don't even have can't whammy Klaus's essence into Rebekah's desiccated corpse, instead of Tyler's living body? Oh right, this is all a lie on your part, so never mind. Tyler tells Caroline to call Bonnie and make sure the plan will work. While Tyler praises Caroline's genius and tells her he loves her, Hayley texts Shane. Tyler rushes off to tell Carol he can actually graduate.

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