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O Come, All Ye Faithful

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O Come, All Ye Faithful

To show me up, Stefan reminds Caroline that they've all done horrible things. He's trying to figure out what makes them any better than Klaus. "I think it's just that we have family we can trust." Caroline's voice drops to a whisper as she agrees that trust is everything. "Have you heard from Damon?" Stefan says yes, and that he's still with Jeremy at the lake house. Caroline asks if he mentioned where Elena was. When Stefan asks why she's asking, Caroline gives him a pointed look. Stefan takes a seat next to her. "They're together, aren't they?" Caroline answers with her eyes. Stefan: "How together are they?" Caroline averts her gaze, so Stefan says, "Caroline, tell me. How together are they?" Caroline says nothing. Stefan reels. We cut to the...

Lake House. Jeremy walks Bonnie to her car. Before she gets in, he thanks her and they hug. That might be the first time anyone has touched Bonnie since she shared a chaste bed with Jamie. Damon follows Elena out of the house and to the car. Jeremy waves to his sister as he returns to the house. She turns back to Damon and says that while she was ready to fight him on this, everything in her is now telling her to get in the car and leave without him. Damon tells her to do it. Looking resigned, Elena leans in and gives Damon a soft, quick kiss on the lips. When he opens the car door, she frowns and gets in. We cut to...

Mossy Manse. Stefan is so torn up about Elena and Damon that he commits chess set abuse. I hear that's a slippery slope back to Ripperdom. Self-righteous, even in her empathy, Caroline gives him a pained look and lowers her eyes. We cut to the woods.

Tyler finds the bodies of the 11, then rushes down to the cellar where he finds Kim's corpse. When he leaves, April Young steps out of the shadows. She makes her way to Rebekah's coffin and opens it to find her desiccated friend.

Downtown. Carol's leaving Tyler a voice mail. "You're supposed to be my sober cab." Um, you remember giving him a drink, right mom? She continues: "I think I drank half the party." That's why we love you, Mulva. She's sitting alone on a bench when Klaus approaches and asks her if she's looking for Tyler. "I'd like a little word with him, myself." Klaus is still covered in blood, proving beyond a doubt that he is the originator of Elena's vampire bloodline, because for heaven's sake, tidy up. Poor Carol is frightened. She begs Klaus not to hurt her son. He's all she has. Klaus says, "And you're all he has. There's a beautiful symmetry to that, don't you think?" With that, he drowns Carol. Were this not Susan Walter's swan song, I wouldn't have even given you that much of the scene. I'm done. So is Klaus. He walks away. Title card.

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