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O Come, All Ye Faithful

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O Come, All Ye Faithful

To my knowledge, no one I love (or even know) lost anyone in that poor little school, but we all lost so much. I know it's likely that at least one of you had some connection to someone in Newtown. My heart goes out to you and your loved ones. I know how trite that sounds. I don't know what else to say. I am profoundly sorry that anyone has to experience anything even approaching this. I pray for peace and strength for you -- for all of us.

I also pray that this country I so love can hike up its grown up pants and do something real and of consequence -- good consequence -- in the wake of this tragedy. We are a smart, resourceful people. We can figure out a sane way to balance rights which are in some degree of natural tension with one another. We can more effectively care for our ailing countrymen. We can better protect our children. Let's do it. I just cut 5,000 words of sermonizing. No really. It was about time I found myself discussing unexploded ordnance in Laos that I realized that perhaps I'd gone on too long, and remembered my job is TV Recapper, not National Responsibilities Coach, so let's get on with the show.

Mossy Manse. Morning. It's the morning after the previous episode. Elena and Damon have spent the night together, fully clothed, on top of the covers. Elena makes it clear that was Damon's call. Damon says he was being a gentleman, but he's none too happy about it. When he tells her she shouldn't have stayed, she agrees. He rants a little about how he promised Stefan he'd make her leave and reminds her she's sired to him. When he says her feelings for him might not even be real, Elena says, "I know," so apparently she's already forgotten that, the night before, Tyler told her the sire bond doesn't affect feelings, just actions. What she feels for him feels real and she's not ready to let go of it. When Damon threatens to invoke the sire bond, Elena dares him to do it. Damon complains that not only did he fail to keep his promise to set Elena free, he also didn't come clean with Stefan about sleeping with Elena. Damon is struggling not to kiss her when Elena's cellphone rings and gives him a break. It's Bonnie. The girls are meeting up so they can teach Jeremy not to kill his sister. Elena invites Damon to come along.

Klaus Haus. Klaus is painting a picture of a snowflake when Stefan arrives. Stefan mocks its simplicity. Klaus mutters something about it being post-modern. Anyhow, it's his donation to the Winter Wonderland charity event. When Hybrid Adrian comes in, Klaus tells him to deliver the still wet painting to Mystic Grill. Adrian's sire bond is broken now so he resists Klaus's order a little, but then falls in line, to keep up the ruse.

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