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O Come, All Ye Faithful

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O Come, All Ye Faithful

Lake House. Exterior. Damon finds Elena down on the dock. He tries to get her to smile, but even the sire bond has its limits. To put it mildly, because I just don't feel like feeling sorry for fictional people right now, Elena is down in the dumps that the plan didn't work. She compares the challenge of reprogramming Jeremy's mind with their sire bond situation, then says the last time she was at the lake house, she was completely in love with Stefan. Now it's but a memory. She asks Damon if that's because of the sire bond, or if it's because she's so happy to be with him, now. Ouch. Whatever, her tactless question gives Damon an idea. As he heads back toward the lake house, let's head toward a...

Sidebar: I'm getting slightly ahead of myself here, but I'm afraid if I don't say this now, I'll forget about it, so here goes.... My friend Robyn wonders if Persuasion isn't the key to disarming Elena's sire bond. I feel like what Elena said in the last scene was meant to imply that it's not so easy. That said, Damon is going to suggest using Bonnie as Jeremy's mental detour sign. And SPOILER it's going to work. So, like Robyn, I can't help but wonder if they could whammy Elena with a little Persuasion. The thing is (and I don't think Robyn will like this idea so much), I wonder if Stefan would serve as her detour around the sire bond. I don't know. I'm mostly convinced they're going to turn Elena human again, and I do think that's what will ultimately break the sire bond. We shall see.

Lockwood Ruins. Cellar. Ty orders the pack to keep Stefan and Caroline in the cellar until they're ready to bring in Klaus. You know, I know Stefan and Caroline want to cure Elena, and they REALLY want to free her from the sire bond. I know Caroline doesn't want Tyler encased in concrete (or Tyler's body -- I'm unclear if his essence would go into Klaus's body, or what, because after all, the Klaus plan isn't real). The thing is, wouldn't they rather be free from Klaus than cure Elena?

Hey, you know who they should ask about this? Elena. I'm tired of this story where Elena being a vampire is the most desperate situation in the world, so Caroline and Stefan must fix her. Their mission to "fix" her is so important that they're constantly working behind her back. Caroline adapted. Damon adapted. I think maybe even Abby adapted. Heck, Stefan adapts in fits and starts. Also, I've also formed an unfortunate association between all this stuff, and real world attempts to "de-program" gay people, so now it's all making me a little sick.

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