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Damon and Elena are still training. When he bests her again, he whispers in her ear, "Bang. You're dead." After he plays at biting her neck (don't worry, his fangs don't even get through her hair), she pushes him off, sneers at him and rolls her eyes. So say we all, baby doll.

Alaric is being all Giles-y, so his back is to Elena and Damon the whole time (and given the heat between them, that's probably for the best). When he says the images may tell them what the weapon is, Elena walks over to examine the photos and says, "Then all we have to do is find out what they mean." Damon mocks their optimism and asks how they expect to do that. Elena: "Well, if the story's about the Original Family living here, then we go straight to the source." We cut to...

MFHS, Exterior, Cheerleading Practice: Elena finds Rebekah, which is easy to do, because other than Caroline, she's the only other student throwing herself into school and extra-curricular activities, with anything approaching enthusiasm. When Elena asks if they can talk, Rebekah figures she is there to talk about their common love interest and says, "About Stefan? Don't worry. I'm off him, until he starts treating me better." A beat. "In fact, you should probably take a page out of my book, if I'm being honest." Preach it.

Elena pulls out one of Alaric's cave photographs -- Rebekah's name in Runic. She'd rather talk about why Becky and Satan Klaus have spent 1,000 years running from MtVVS, their Daddy Dearest. Rebekah blows this off and starts to head back to join the other cheerleaders. Elena's a pit bull though. "Well, then maybe I'll ask Mikael, when we wake him."

Becky's face gets OMGWTFMtVVS (sorry, Cleolinda). "You're bluffing. You don't know where he is. No one does."

Elena: "So who's rotting away in that old cemetery in Charlotte?"

Becky walks back and gets right in Elena's grill. "If you wake Mikael, we are all doomed."

Elena: "So then tell me [...] why don't you want me to wake him?" I believe she just did, Elena. A terrified-looking Rebekah says she has to get back to the girls and walks off. We flashback to...

Ye Olde Ancient Times: Fey-British-'70s-Film-Jesus Klaus is having a sword fight with ELIJAH! Om nom nom nom. When Rebekah arrives, both brothers light up. So it's 3-way incest fic, then? Oh dear. Mama Original (Esther, played by Lost's, Alice Evans, i.e. Eloise Hawking) and Papa Original (Mikael, played by Supernatural's Sebastian Roché, i.e. Balthazar) stroll over to the scene. At first I think MtVVS is miffed at Klaus because he's openly flirting with his own siblings, but no, he's furious at him (but not Elijah) for having a playful sword fight.

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