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MtVVS rants about how they fight for their survival (if so, isn't practice a good idea?), not for fun, then bullies Klaus into fighting with him. It's mere moments before MtVVS has knocked Fey-British-'70s-Film-Jesus Klaus to the ground. He holds his sword to the boy's neck and looms over him. "You are a foolish and impulsive man, my boy."

When Klaus is speechless, MtVVS yells, "What? No more LAUGHTER?" Eloise Hawking says, "You've made your point, Mikael." MtVVS thrusts the sword with all his might. It plunges into the ground, a hair's breadth away from Fey-British-'70s-Film-Jesus Klaus's neck. And thus, the woobification of Satan Klaus, our once most fearsome villain, is nearly complete, and he hasn't even taken his turn on Damon's magical toad stool.

Gilbert Gables: Alaric is in that weight room/study that's new this season, labeling his petroglyph pictures: vampire, werewolf... We cut to Elena walking upstairs to her room, as she talks to Damon on her phone. She knows Becky is scared of Mikael. Elena's prepared to engage in a little "Mean Girl power struggle" if that's the only way to get her to talk. Damon: "Just make sure she doesn't power-struggle you into a wheelchair." Or an early grave.

As the talk turns to Stefan, we cut to the Torture Emporium. Elena asks how her prisoner looks. Damon peers through the window at his baby brother. "Pasty and pouty." Elena says, "He'll have to get over it. Call me later."

Mossy Manse: Elena and Alaric are now together in the kitchen. Elena assures Alaric that Rebekah will come around. Alaric: "Are you sure about that? I mean a thousand year old vampire, I'm sure, has learned the art of patience." Just then, Elena gets a text message reading: "Come over for a chat. Rebekah." How did Rebekah get Elena's phone number? Elena looks at Alaric. "She's a thousand year old vampire who's joined the cheerleading squad." She shows him the text. "There's a whole different set of rules in play here, Ric. I've got this." That's sort of a theme, tonight. I'm just psyched that finally, we know the doppelganger's superpower. Her superpower is being a teenaged girl. How did I not see that spoiler hiding in plain sight?

Torture Emporium: Stefan isn't really in the mood to entertain company, even though Damon proclaims it is "Family Day at Vampire Rehab." When Damon references Elena's faith in Lexi's recovery plan, Stefan says, "We should all listen to Elena, right? I mean her plans always work out so well, don't they?" Stefan tries to get Damon to leave by implying Elena might be in danger from Rebekah, but Damon isn't worried. Once he decides Stefan really has given up, he frees him from his bonds. Stefan asks what he's doing. Damon: "Screw this Lexi Plan. I think we could both use a drink." With Damon out the door, and his restraints removed, Stefan stays in the chair for a moment. Some of Stefan's humanity remains, indeed. Look at how sad he is -- sad in part, to be free.

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