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Mossy Manse: Elena arrives to find Rebekah blaring music. Rebekah is all smiles as she fills two champagne flutes. A compelled bevy of beauties parades out in the various dresses Rebekah is considering for the Homecoming dance. She asks Elena her opinion on the frocks. Elena's not there to shop. She wants to know about Mikael. Rebekah takes Homecoming dress selection so seriously that she Stealth-Salvatores over to one of the girls, puts on her game face, and hovers her fangs over her victim's neck. Elena gives in and makes a choice. "The red one." Becky sends the girls away, telling them to remember nothing.

Once they're alone, Rebekah picks up her glass of champagne and walks over to Elena. Standing far too close, Becky grits her teeth and says, "You do not threaten me. You'll learn what I allow you to learn. Is that clear?" Elena nods. Commercial.

Gilbert Gables: Bonnie arrives and gives Alaric the "necklace that wouldn't die." Sensing her sorrow, he gives her a little pep talk before getting to work. "Listen, Jeremy is an idiot. And I know this with certainty, because I was once a Jeremy. Trust me. We...learn. Eventually." When Bonnie gives him a half smile and Alaric grins back at her, I realize something about myself. Whenever any two characters on this show have any sort of moment, my inner 'shipper gets all excited. Stop that, inner 'shipper. I have work to do, and I can't see the show hooking Alaric up with any of our main three girls, at least not while they're still matriculating at the school in which he teachers. Anyhow, Alaric holds up a picture of another petroglyph. It seemed familiar to him, because it is. It's the same design that is on Elena's necklace. After confirming with Bonnie that Grams said the necklace once belonged to the witch who put the hybrid curse on Klaus, Alaric notes that the symbol is repeated throughout the cave. He then labels that photo witch.

Mossy Manse, Stefan's Room: It's tidy, now. Damon must have cleaned up after his tantrum in which he destroyed the place, because we know Stefan doesn't clean. Rebekah wants this to be girlie-time, in which they snoop through their mutual boyfriend's stuff. Elena isn't there to play. Rebekah pouts because Elena is not into dishing about Stefan's modern boxer briefs, as opposed to the undies he wore in the 1920s.

The conversation turns to the Original Family's motivation for leaving Europe and coming to this continent. Before the New World was "discovered" by anyone mentioned in the MFHS history books, a plague struck Europe. The Originals had just started their family. After they lost a child, they fled Europe to protect their future family. Eloise Hawking learned of this brave, new world -- teeming with remarkably robust people -- from a witch named Ayanna. Buffy fans, raise your hand if you can't not say Anyanka in place of Ayanna. There should only be trolls.

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