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Ye Olde Ancient Virginia: Klaus and Rebekah wake after being stabbed by Daddy. As Klaus comforts Rebekah and says they'll be all right, MtVVS brings in a young girl and tells the kids, "We must finish what we started." Tossing the girl down in front of them and slitting her wrist, he adds, "You have to drink if you want to live." Klaus refuses. He tries to stop MtVVS, who pushes him down. MtVVS gets Rebekah to feed.

Back in the present, Rebekah describes the experience as "euphoric" but allows that the Anyanka witch was right about consequences. "The spirits turned on us. For every strength, there was a weakness." The sun burned them, so they had to remain inside until Eloise Hawking found a solution to that problem. Other problems included social isolation. In a flashback, we see other girls avoiding Rebekah as they look on her with horror and contempt. The Originals learned they were unable to enter homes without an invite. When Rebekah goes to pick some vervain, "The flowers at the base of the white oak burned."

In the present, she adds that vervain also prevented compulsion. "And the spell decreed that the tree that gave us life could also take us away, so we burned it to the ground" Flashback to Ye Olde Elijah, Rebekah, and Fey-British-'70s-Film-Jesus Klaus watching the tree in full flame. It seems the Original Parents never anticipated their kids' blood lust, either. They couldn't control it.

Not-the-Grill: While Stefan feeds on Callie, Damon dances on top of the bar with a couple of other girls. When he returns to Stefan, Damon compels an onlooker into believing there's nothing to see there. True enough. The real show was Damon dancing on the bar. Can we see that again? Once she's gone, Damon pulls Stefan off Callie and tells him to ease up. He then ties a red scarf around her neck and sends her off.

When the boys mosey over to the bar, Stefan wants to know why Damon set him free. Damon says he wanted to remind Stefan what freedom is like. Stefan says freedom is not possible while Klaus is alive, and Klaus can't be killed. Just then, MtVVS strolls up and says, "Maybe I can help with that." He waits a beat until he has their attention. "The Salvatore boys, I presume." Stefan rises from his stool and turns around. There's a flicker of recognition in his eyes, from their meeting in Gloria's speakeasy, back in the 1920s. Finally he nods and says, "Mikael." Commercial.

Mossy Manse: Elena asks why MtVVS started hunting Klaus. Rebekah explains that when "Nik" made his first kill, it triggered his werewolf gene, and this became Mikael's biggest shame. Elena already knew from Elijah about Klaus's true paternity. Rebekah says her mother tried to set things right with Mikael by putting the hybrid curse on Klaus, and turning her back on her own son. "But Mikael's biggest weakness as a human was his pride. As a vampire, that was magnified." She says MtVVS went on a rampage, killed half the village, and then came home and killed their mother, tearing her heart from her chest, as "Nik" watched. Mikael fled in a rage. Klaus stayed to help Rebekah bury their mother.

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