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Nothing But The Dead Of Night Back In Our Little Town

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, allegedly unkillable Original Hybrid, Satan Klaus, strips Stefan of everything (except, sadly, his shirt), so Stefan gets the brilliant idea to irritate his psychotic, immortal tormentor (and ever so needy ex-best bud), by stealing the caskets containing the corpses of his family members, thereby putting everyone in Mystic Falls in terrific danger, especially Miss Elena Gilbert, and her near and dear. Oh and Damon kissed Elena, and she kinda liked it, so clearly, these two are the most reprehensible characters on this show, in which people routinely (literally) rip out hearts, imprison and torture one another, decapitate their opponents, and drink the blood of the living, until they're quite dead.

Now, on The Vampire Diaries, Damon's in the shower, and I can't decide which I find more appealing -- wet, nekkid Damon, eye-thinging at himself in the mirror, or that bathroom, but I'm leaning toward the bathroom, which tells you more than you need to know about my age. Meanwhile, Elena is engaged in combat with a punching bag, but it looks like it's going to be a draw. Don't feel bad, Elena. You actually look more menacing facing an inanimate object than Buffy ever managed to. ["Hey!" --Buffy] It seems the grand crime of last week (i.e. a relatively chaste kiss, that took place on the Gilbert front porch -- not a euphemism) has left our dastardly duo in slightly different moods.

Mysterious Workout Room, Morning: Hey, where is this place? I figured it was in a room we'd never before seen at Gilbert Gables, but later in the episode, there's a line of dialogue that rules that out. On Twitter, TVD fan Jeannette suggests it might be Alaric's apartment, but wasn't Alaric's apartment different? TVD fan Cindy (no, not me) thinks so, and shares my confusion as well as my name. Oh, I've blathered too long and almost missed dripping wet, betoweled Damon sashaying out of the shower and into his bedroom -- a bedroom which is as gorgeous as his bathroom (and himself). He's whistling, on his way to get some clothes, I suppose. Too bad. So sad.

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