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Nothing But The Dead Of Night Back In Our Little Town

Wickery Bridge: Elena tries to wipe Stefan's blood out of her mouth as she gets out of the car. Stefan follows her and orders her to get back in the car. Elena finally rounds on him. "How could you?" She's crying even as she yells. "My parents died going over this bridge. I almost died." Her voice weakens. "You knew that. You're the one who saved me." Stefan says Klaus had to find the threat believable. "Your fear sold it." Elena: "Well, what if he hadn't?" Stefan: "He did." Elena repeats her question. Stefan yells. "He did, Elena. He backed down. He has a weakness. If I know his weakness, I can destroy him." Elena can't believe that after everything, destroying Klaus is what matters. Stefan says that's all he has left. Elena is sobbing, now. "You had me." Stefan: "I lost you, the minute I left town with him. You just haven't let yourself admit that, yet." Elena: "Is that what you're doing? Trying to make me hate you?" Mask, firmly in place, Stefan shakes his head. "I don't really care what you think about me any more, Elena." His eyes and voice betray him, to me that is. I think Elena believes every word he says. Stefan gets back in the car and drives off, leaving Elena stranded on the bridge where her parents lost their lives.

Fortress Forbes: Matt answers the door. It's Klaus who says, "Tyler came to see me. Poor boy. He's quite distressed. He said Caroline had a terrible accident." Matt knows Klaus must have been behind this, because he knows Tyler never would have done it on his own. As Liz walks into the hallway, Klaus insists he is there to help. "My blood will heal her. Please ask the sheriff to invite me inside." Liz approaches. "I know how this game works. You want something in return." Well, honey, he's going to get access to your house. Klaus shakes his head. "Just your support." Oh, Liz, you have some leverage. Tell him you'll give him your support, if he stays out on the porch, fills up a glass with his blood, and leaves your daughter alone. Ah, who am I kidding? I wouldn't have the ovaries to do that either, if my kid were in there dying. Liz invites Klaus in. As he crosses the threshold, he gives the tiniest wry smile to Matt.

Caroline's Room: Klaus walks in alone. Liz and Matt are nowhere in sight. Are you kidding me? Ugh. Whatever. It works out well, because this is a beautiful scene coming up, and it should be just between Klaus and Caroline, but I so can't buy that both Liz and Matt aren't hovering at the doorway, that it takes me out of the moment. Let's start anew, shall we?

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