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Nothing But The Dead Of Night Back In Our Little Town

Gilbert Gables, Exterior: Damon walks Elena to her door. She thanks him for picking her up. How the hell did he know where she was? He wasn't around when Klaus got the call from Stefan, and even if he had been, how would he know Stefan left Elena stranded on Wickery Bridge? Perhaps Damon ran into Klaus after the harrowing phone call. Or, I know! She must have walked to a pay phone, just like in The Firm. < /font mood="pity"> Damon tells Elena, "Anytime," and then asks, "Are you going to be okay?" Elena: "I'll survive. Somehow. I always do." Damon: "You know, Stefan won this round for us, today." He continues with his brotherly defense, even when Elena gives him her WTF, DAMON eyes. "He pushed Klaus to the edge. Klaus blinked." Elena turns from Damon and takes a few steps away, before facing him, again. "Well, his methods sucked." Technically Elena, you sucked, or you know, at least inadvertently swallowed... and that came out differently than I intended. Anyhow, Damon says they needed a win. He's a little proud that little bro was the better villain. When he sees how this conversation is affecting Elena, he caresses her chin. "Really, tell me, are you going to be okay?" Already asked and answered, counselor. Elena is silent for a moment as she looks at him. Sighing softly, she says, "You can't kiss me again." Damon: "I know." Elena looks like she's reconsidering, but then says, "I can't." Damon takes his hand from her face, before she adds, "It's not right." He nods the slightest nod. "It's right. It's just not right now." A beat. "Good night." Elena says, "Goodnight, Damon." He watches her walk in, before he turns and heads down the front steps. When Elena gets inside, she turns and watches him leave. As if snapping herself out of it, Elena turns her head away and shuts the door.

Gilbert Gables, Day: In front of their open front door, Elena hugs Jeremy goodbye and tells him to be safe. Jeremy chuckles, agrees, and reminds her Alaric is waiting for him. When he turns to leave, Bonnie shows up. "Hey, what are you doing here?" Bonnie exchanges a look with a very concerned Elena, and says, "I came to say goodbye." She then hugs Jeremy. Is it me, or does he look confused, like perhaps he's trying to remember why he's leaving his sister and Bonnie, and everyone else in this dangerous town, and yet is happy to trot off to Denver? When they break their embrace, Bonnie's eyes are brimming with tears. She forces a bright smile to Jeremy's face, but when he turns from her to get his luggage, Bonnie's smile disappears as she looks again at Elena. On the steps, Jeremy gives the girls a small, almost regretful grin. Elena nods at him, encouraging him to go.

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