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Nothing But The Dead Of Night Back In Our Little Town

Which House? Witch House, Day: Bonnie is chanting in Latin. She's trying to open that fourth casket and yells in frustration when she fails. Personally, I think she's going to need to get Elena's necklace to do it, and that's currently around Rebekah's deadish throat, isn't it? Anyhow, there's a whooshy sound and the caskets go all invisible. Bonnie: "Hello? Is someone there?" Something Stealth-Salvatores past a doorway, behind her back, but Bonnie senses it.

Outside, our Beautiful Brothers Salvatore approach the Which House-Witch House. Stefan is worried that Damon may have told Elena about Club Coffin Contrivance. Damon reminds Stefan he said he wouldn't. Stefan: "Yeah, I know what you said." Damon: "Then why are you asking?" Stefan dons his mask (metaphor). "Protecting the location of Klaus's family is my number one priority right now, and the fewer people who know, the better." Stefan's Hidden Humanity: "Because I'm trying to suss out just how close you and our girlfriend have grown." Damon stops walking and taps Stefan on the arm. Stefan looks around. "What?" Damon narrows his eyes and turns his head as if he's hearing something.

Inside, Bonnie walks towards a basement doorway. She hears the stairs creak and turns her head to find Damon standing about halfway down, shushing her. He looks behind him, up the stairs.

Outside: A Hybrid exits the house and runs right into Stefan. The Hybrid breaks into game face. Stefan is so badass these days, he doesn't need to do the same. The Hybrid's head reels backward. His game face fades. He falls to the ground to reveal Damon, holding the Hybrid's heart. No fuss. Some muss. Damon cringes. "These hybrids. Really bringing the neighborhood down." He throws the heart to the ground and Title Card. Wait. What? We're only five minutes in, and I've spewed about 2,000 words. Oh y'all, I have got to stop trying to do a recap for weecap money on a weecap deadline.

MFHS: Elena is decorating Caroline's locker for her birthday, when Bonnie shows up to help. She doesn't let Elena know she was late because she's part of Club Coffin Contrivance. Elena confesses to Bonnie that she had Damon to compel Jeremy to leave town. Bonnie, who has no trouble hiding Club Coffin Contrivance from Elena, and had no problem using some pretty dark mojo to bring Jeremy back from the dead, is appalled that Elena would have a vampire compel her little brother to have a better (and hopefully safer) life, but she seems to understand -- at least until she spots Jeremy in the hallway. Her expression hardens.

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