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Nothing But The Dead Of Night Back In Our Little Town

Which House-Witch House: Damon is beating the hell out of the fourth coffin with a shovel, but not one of those flimsy aluminum jobs you use for snow. This is an old time, spade-style shovel, and yet, it does nothing to the coffin. Stefan tells him he's wasting his time, and confirms he buried the hybrid. Then Damon does some expository Originals math, so we don't have to. "All right, Klaus has six siblings. Rebekah is now with Klaus. There was one dead kid in the old world, one dead kid in the New World, which leaves Elijah and two others. Three Sleeping Originals. Four coffins. So...who is in the lockbox?" Stefan doesn't know but reminds us that Bonnie thinks the secret to killing Klaus is inside it. Damon gets all passive-aggressive with the dead witches, not that I blame him. "You'd think the spirits of a bunch of dead witches that can make a coffin invisible..." He raises his voice. "...that they'd figure out HOW TO OPEN ONE!" My word, it's like he's channeling my mumble mumble mythology grumble now. I could kiss him. (Yeah, hardly a sacrifice, I know.) He throws out his arms in frustration. (Sometimes, I feel badly for readers who might be new students of the English language, because I can only imagine what they're picturing when I use an expression like that. I am sorry. I guess I should have said, "He thrusts out his arms..." Is that better?) When nothing happens, Damon says, "Fine. Don't help."

Ignoring Damon's mini-tantrum, Stefan notes that their Coffin Contrivance will be worthless, if any more hybrids come sniffing around and discover their hiding place. "They need to go away." Damon recommends keeping the peace, and not drawing attention to the very things they're trying to hide. Stefan wants to play offense, not defense, and intends to bully Klaus into dispersing his pack. "He does what I say, or I dump his family to the bottom of the ocean." Damon points out that could get them all dead. Stefan: "No, he's bluffing. His family means more to him than anything else." Damon asks if Stefan is sure. Stefan decides to call Klaus's bluff. Damn, he's scary. Damon tries to apply the brakes. "The only way to call someone's bluff, Stefan, is to be willing to lose everything, if you're wrong." Stefan almost smiles, then turns and walks out.

MFHS: Bonnie goes to say goodbye Jeremy. They have a mini-moment, and then Jeremy says he thinks leaving town is the right thing. "I think I could have a better life, there." Bonnie (wittingly) plants a seed of doubt in Jeremy's mind. "That's what Elena said. That's exactly what she said." When Jeremy asks what she means, Bonnie decides to behave and says, "Nothing. I'm just sorry you have to go. That's all." Jeremy looks in her eyes and we cut to the...

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