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Rebekah Goes To Prom!

When Caroline arrives at the Lockwood Mansion, she finds Tyler in a tux, waiting for her. I mean, I suppose it could be Silas, but at least for this episode, it doesn't matter. The thing is, wondering if it's Silas dampens the emotional resonance, almost as much as it did during Bonnie's scenes with "Jeremy." As Tyler asks Caroline to dance, we cut back to the...

Prom Venue. Exterior. Damon is outside, drinking and looking at the pictures, when he's approached by Stefan, whom we'll soon learn is "Stefan," or rather, Silas. I usually avoid portmanteaux, but I'm overcome with the urge to call this appearance "Stylus," because Stefan has been such an enormous tool all season. Since Damon thinks he's talking to his brother, he asks Stylus what happened to being over Elena and moving on. Stylus asks if that isn't the plan -- to remind Elena of what she's lost. Damon sneers. "Like her feelings for you?" Stefan is all, "Yeah, I mean maybe. I don't mean to be a dick, Damon..." but that won't stop him. I mean, it won't stop Stylus. Sorry, it's so easy to confuse the two. He reminds Damon of Stefan and Elena's history, like Damon didn't watch it all unfold with a lump in his throat. Stylus is really good at rubbing it in. "It was a real relationship. I mean, what you have is just a one-night stand that was probably a result of the sire bond." When Damon lunges at him, Stylus stakes him in the gut and smiles. "Your mind is a very dark and riveting place, Damon." Damon drops to the ground. As he grabs at the stake he says, "Silas. Where's my brother, you psychic freak?" Stylus says, "He's in the woods, where I convinced him I was you. He's probably in a bit of pain now, too." Crouching by his victim, Stylus adds, "The witch is mine. Stay away from her."

Back inside the prom, Elena watches as Matt and Bonnie pose for pictures. When Matt walks off the stage, Rebekah warns him to watch out for Bonnie, because Elena is up to something. Elena follows Bonnie as she retreats to a semi-private area (it's separated from the event space by beads). Elena congratulates Bonnie, but Bonnie isn't buying her act and asks what she wants. Elena says, "For you to stop being a problem," then vamps out and grabs Bonnie's shoulder. Bonnie Expresses herself. Elena holds her head and cries out in pain. Back on the dance floor, a wind whips through the place and lights explode. Matt finds the girls. Bonnie says something is happening to her. He encourages her to relax, but Bonnie runs off. Once she's gone, Elena starts to recover. April rushes in and asks what's going on. Elena turns and vamps out again. She reminds April she ordered her to crown Rebekah Queen of the Prom, then slams the girl's head on a table, and bites her neck. Matt yells, "No!" Elena pushes April off. Matt catches her before she hits the floor. The director trolls me by refusing to make Elena wipe the blood off her mouth and chin. Elena says, "You should have listened." What? Oh, she's still talking to April, but I don't think the girl can hear her on account of being unconscious from sudden, severe blood loss. Commercial.

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