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"Sacrifice" is another crackling episode. It gets a B+ mostly because there are a few moments that take me right out of the story. Okay, yeah, I know this is a vampire show, but within that context, there are some things I have a hard time believing and a couple are right at the outset, so let's get to it, shall we.

Night; Gilbert Gables: Someone is sneaking around Elena's house. The sound-effects crew wakes her, because they're helpful like that, but she doesn't catch the intruder, because he's Senior Manwitch. Even though he's magical, it seems to me there are real logistical problems with this scene, particularly Senior's hiding. See, Elena gets up, goes down the hall and then she runs into nekkid Alaric holding a bowl of ice cream. Don't worry. I haven't mistaken this weecap for my dream journal. There's truly an au naturel Alaric, holding a bowl of ice cream, which he deftly lowers to cover his...Alaric, which is just off-camera.

Actually, although they play it off like he's really naked, and he even says, "I'm naked," after an awkward scene with him, Jenna, and Elena, we get on-screen confirmation that he's wearing boxer shorts. But, during the bulk of the scene, it really does seem like he's naked, and he's not just Elena's aunt's lover, he's also Elena's very own history teacher, so I am just sitting here thinking that she's talking to her history teacher -- who is naked. Granted, Alaric isn't even the same species as my history teacher. I mean, if you have to run into your naked (or nearly so) history teacher, you'd be lucky to be Alaric's student. He's buff, bronzed and hasn't had his chest waxed. There's no bad there, is what I'm saying, except for the NAKED HISTORY TEACHER IN MY HOUSE part.

Anyhow, while our trio have their awkward scene, Senior Manwitch manages to sneak into Elena's room from wherever he was hiding. He's clearly going to do some mojo on her, because he collects some of her hair, a picture, some jewelry and other stuff. What, no eye of newt? [If you ask me, the newt name still means something. -- Willow]. Maybe he has some back home in his man-cauldron. And here's where it becomes even less believable that he's not caught, because he exits Elena's room to hide again, but she's heading to her room and I can't figure out how it works. All right, enough. I'll get to the rest of the story. I just can't get into this whole scene, no matter how many times I watch, which is a darned shame, given that there's nearly nekkid Alaric.

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