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Tryin' To Get Her Feeling Again

Elena looks down at Matt and shakes her head. Damon crouches beside his victim and says, "I guess it was a good idea he was wearing this." He lifts Matt's hand so we can see he's wearing the Gilbert Protect-o ring. I'll say it was a good thing he was wearing it. I'm not sure it was a good idea. That is to say, my fourteen year old was sure Matt must be wearing the ring, but I thought the show was more hardcore. Whatever. I can't pick on this because I totally believed this death, and like Elena, I am overcome with relief that Matt will live to die another day. Elena drops to her knees, takes Matt's hand and cries. She strokes his cheek. Damon coaches her through all her emotions and reminds her those feelings are her humanity. A tear rolls down Elena's cheek. Our sponsors want a word, and I'm willing to let them have it, so I can shake off my residual hatred of Damon and Elena.

After the break, Damon tries to tell a sobbing Elena that it's going to be okay. It's hitting her now that she's tried to kill Matt, Bonnie and Caroline and succeeded in killing the waitress. In full meltdown mode, she smashes the passenger side window of Matt's truck. Hey! Is it not enough that you drained him of blood? Is it not enough that Damon snapped his neck? Now you've got to abuse his ride. The boys manhandle Elena. Stefan tells her to find the one thing inside of her that makes her strong and channel all her feelings into that one thing that makes her want to live. As he encourages her to let it in, Elena calms down. Damon makes sure to sidle up next to Stefan, just in case Elena's latching on to her love of Salvatores. It's really pretty hilarious (but character-appropriate) blocking. The emotional music begins. Elena sobs, so we know she's really back to her old self. When she composes herself again, Damon asks if she's okay. Elena says, "No. I'm not okay. But I'll get better." The boys watch as she walks off.

Over at Fortress Forbes, Caroline has found some sort of medical kit. She takes out a hypo and draws her own blood, then plunges the needle into her mother's chest, like Liz is Uma Thurman or something. There's no response so Caroline pleads with her mother to wake up. She invokes her upcoming graduation and promises to get Liz out of Mystic Falls and find her a nice man. Still no response. Caroline holds her mother's hand and cries. Finally, Liz wakes with a cough. Caroline laugh-cries as she holds her mother. I get a little disgusted that that was so drawn out. I feel as abused as Act 1 Elena. Speaking of abuse survivors, we cut to...

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