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Tryin' To Get Her Feeling Again

At the Mystic Grill Matt finds Rebekah downing shots. There's a bunch of exposition about Becky and her brothers, both in Mystic Falls and the Big Easy, and some more about the Bore, and Elena's current circumstances. Matt's off to meet Caroline. Becky gets in a parting shot about how she prefers unfeeling Elena. Matt will not let that stand because he's Matt like that. He wonders why Beckster stays in Mystic Falls when, unlike him, she's not stuck there. Somewhere in there he vents a little about how he's in trouble at school. We cut to...

Mossy Manse. Exterior. Caroline's on the phone with Bonnie who lies that she's been studying for finals. Caroline knows that like the fandom, Bonnie has had it up to her crazy eyeballs with Elena, but says things are about to get real and Caroline needs her. Bonnie knows Caroline wants to check up on her, too. Bonnie tells Caroline she's now free from Silas's control, and since Elena tried to kill her, she's not ready to forgive and forget. I'd like to return to some of the times Bonnie has betrayed Elena's trust or otherwise screwed the pooch, but that would run counter to my goal of whipping out this recap as soon as possible.

After the phone call, Katherine joins Bonnie. They're in some diner that isn't the Mystic Grill. Katherine gets off a few cracks about Bonnie lying, scheming and being un-Bonnie-like. Being this season's voice of the disgruntled segment of the fandom, Katherine makes sure to snark on Elena, too. Once that's out of her system (temporarily because this is Katherine, after all), Katherine notes that Bonnie said she was going to make her an offer she couldn't refuse. I missed the episode where Bonnie joined the Corleone family, but at least now she has her own life, so good for her. We cut to...

Mossy Manse. Elena's tied to a chair in the Salvatore's parlor. Damon joins her and drops a fire extinguisher nearby. Between that and the drawn curtains which serve as their backdrop, the entire scene has already been telegraphed, even before Stefan comes into view. Damon says they figured Elena could use a little sunshine. As Stefan opens the curtains a peek, Damon dangles Elena's daywalker ring in front of her and notes that bad girls don't get nice jewelry. Wow, this really is fantasy genre. There's some bickering between the threesome. Elena warns that if they do manage to torture the humanity back into her, she'll hate them for it. Damon pronounces it worth the risk. Stefan parts the curtains a little more. When the sunlight hits Elena's hand, her flesh starts to sizzle. She screams in pain. We cut to commercial so I can give my hatred a break.

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