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Tryin' To Get Her Feeling Again

Elena's still screaming when we return. Damon extinguishes her flamey flesh with a fire extinguisher. As Stefan did in the prior scene, Damon spells out that they're trying to torture the feeling back into her, and I can't help but think spelling it out is not the best idea. I mean, if someone has shut off her feelings, and you want her to turn them back on, maybe you don't remind her of that every two seconds. You're clear that I hate everything about their approach, right? Okay, thanks for being cool like that and saving me from myself. When Elena mutters that she'll kill the boys, Damon pounds it in our heads that she must be feeling some rage. Is he trying to give her the opportunity to shut it off? No matter, Stefan tries to play good cop. Elena laughs at him and rubs it in his face that she dumped him. After some more back and forth that I'll spare you, Stefan opens the curtains wide. The sunlight hits Elena's face. We cut to the...

Exterior. Caroline tells Matt they have to keep talking so she can ignore their friend screaming in pain. She tries to make some small talk about graduation, but Matt knows she's just distracting herself and tells her all this is going to work. "We're going to get Elena back." Soon, they spot Rebekah inside Mossy Manse. We cut to the...

Inside. Rebekah has brought burgers as a peace offering. Matt eagerly accepts them, but Caroline tries to give Becky the bum's rush. Rebekah spills the beans. Matt is in danger of failing, so she figured he might need a study buddy. I love how this ancient creature is so into high school. Matt's poor performance is news to Caroline. When she grills him on it, he admits he's behind in History, Italian and Math. Kids, if you're in the States and can only study one foreign language, study Spanish. If you want to add Italian, French or German to it, be my guest, but an American not studying Spanish is like a Canadian not studying French. You're ignoring a large segment of your fellow citizens.

Rebekah says both women can help Matt. "All hands on deck. That's the motto around here, right?" Caroline snarls at her, and then tells Matt she'll run home and get her flash cards and some energy bars. "This is gonna be good." When she leaves, Rebekah raises her eyebrows at Matt. "You dated that?" Matt shrugs. "She likes projects." We cut...

Outside. Caroline walks to her product placement. After dropping her keys, she crouches to retrieve them, but pauses when she hears a rustling in the nearby brush. She calls out, "Who's there," then turns to find Klaus, but actually, it's just "Klaus," i.e. Silas. I guess we don't find that out until the next scene though because now, we cut to the...

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