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Tryin' To Get Her Feeling Again

Matt and Rebekah enter. Our Pudding Pop is upset that Elena is gone and wants to know what happened. Damon non-answers, "Donavan, you're coming with me." Rebekah and I ask, "Why should he?" Damon says, "Because Elena's hungry and missing. For once, his life might actually have purpose." At my prompting, Rebekah stakes Damon. Show's over. We hope you enjoyed it.

Okay, the show's not over, darn the luck. Caroline arrives home. As she enters Fortress Forbes, she's leaving an expository voice mail for Bonnie. Liz is already home, unless she's Silas. Even after having watched this episode more than once, I'm not certain this is Liz. I mean going on what happens later, I guess it is. This is probably just my Silas issues rearing their ugly heads. I'll decapitate them and get back to the matter at hand. Caroline tests the situation by calling Liz on her phone, but who's to say that Silas isn't just making her think she's doing that, and that she isn't hallucinating seeing Liz answer the phone? At any rate, Caroline trusts the results of her test, and hugs Liz. We cut to the...

Woods. Elena is staggering in the dark when she sees a truck. She weakly flags it down, then falls to the ground. Matt gets out. Elena is grateful he found her because now she can gobble him up. Matt manages to stall her for a moment, with talk of their lifelong friendship, and his love for her. He knows he still means something to Elena. She acknowledges that deep down, he probably does mean something, but she's really hungry. Commercial.

Caroline and Liz are sitting together when Bonnie arrives at the door. Caroline can't be sure that Bonnie is Bonnie, though, so she won't let her in. Liz comes out of the room and into the front hall, but Bonnie can see it's really Silas. She frantically tries to open the door. Why she doesn't magic it open, or magically break the glass is beyond me. Instead, she just says, "Caroline, that is not your mother." Finally, Bonnie magics open the door. Caroline turns back to where she just saw Liz and sees Silas for real. He chides Bonnie's attempt to hide from him. Bonnie asks where Liz is. Silas says, "She's right where [Caroline] left her." This leaves me to wonder when and how Silas got into Fortress Forbes, but that question will remain unanswered. Caroline rushes into the living room and finds Liz lying on the floor.

Back in the hallway, Silas says to Bonnie, "I thought you and I were on the same side." Bonnie says since the full moon is still two days off, she's been gathering her strength. Silas knows he needs Bonnie to do the spell, so he can't hurt her, but he can hurt those she loves. Bonnie says she understands. She'll do his spell, drop the veil, and help him die. "Just don't hurt my friends."

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