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Bleachers: Stefan finds Elena who is drunk or making a good show of it. He wants to take her home. She says she'll find her car. He tells her she must be joking. She calls him the fun police and then climbs over the bannister on the bleachers, and keeps faking like she's going to fall off. Once she finally falls, Stefan Stealth-Salvatores to her rescue. When he catches her, it's all very hot breath and lingering glances, much like her training session with Damon. As Stefan puts her back on her feet, Elena says, "I knew you'd catch me." It's then that Alaric shoots him twice in the back with vervain darts. Once Stefan is down, Alaric approaches Elena. "Are you okay?" She says she's fine. Alaric says, "You look...uh...not sober." Pot. Kettle. Blee bloo. Elena says all that matters is that the plan worked. "Let's get him out of here." Commercial.

Elena and Alaric shove the unconscious Stefan in the back of Alaric's SUV. Elena gets in car. Alaric starts gathering his weapons, or possibly picking his belly button, and Vicki sets the whole gasoline doused car afire, with that magically floating lit cigarette, no less. Now Vicki is in the car. She apologizes to Elena, but even though Jeremy can see dead people because he died, and Matt can see dead people, because he died, Elena the supernatural doppelganger cannot see people, even though she died. Sorry, Vicki. She wasn't thinking about you, even when you were here. Also? Elena can't get out of the car. I guess the Original Witch has enchanted the locks. Alaric tries to break a window, but he can't. As the car burns and fills with smoke, Elena rouses Stefan, who, even in his weakened state, is able to kick off the rear door of the SUV. Once Elena gets to safety, she insists that she and Alaric pull Stefan out, as well.

During all this, Bonnie and Matt are trying to reverse the spell that Matt did that let Vicki out, so Bonnie can send her back. As Alaric's car is burning, Matt and Bonnie complete their Vicki exorcism. She is mystically dragged from the scene of the crime back to the classroom where they're working their mojo. It's now only Matt who is holding her here. Poor Pudding Pop has to let her go to banish her entirely, and watching him do so breaks my heart. And yes, I did largely plagiarize myself for the last two paragraphs. Look, we're at triple weecap length and counting. I do need to stop and eat every once in a while.

Mossy Manse: Despite Elena's protests, Damon tends to the wounds on Elena's face. As he does, she compliments him on executing his part of the plan. "You had Rebekah drooling all over you...and your marshmallows." Damon chuckles. "Yeah, before she skewered me. I thought you were too drunk to notice." Elena: "I was faking most of it." Damon: "So was I." Elena's eyes light up at that. Damon meets her gaze. They're interrupted by Alaric. "Ready to go, Elena?" Damon turns to his ex-friend. "Good work tonight, Ric. Sorry about the car, man. Bummer." Sorry, Evil Pixie Monster. Alaric cannot be had for the price of a few pretty words and some soft eye-thinging.

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