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Come On, Buffy

Lockwood Mansion: Caroline dresses and Tyler wraps his hindquarters in a blanket, as he teases her about always running out on him after. She tells him he has to earn the overnighter. They kiss goodbye and Caroline takes her leave. No sooner is she gone than Rebekah is at the door with "a little present." That little present is a young woman, bleeding from the neck. The woman is either Asian, or African-American, or perhaps a mix -- so on this show, you know she's dead. She should only be magical, too. Tyler is horrified. He tells Becky she should go, but once she taunts him and bites into her victim du jour, our baby hybrid cannot resist.

MtVVS's Crypt: MtVVS explains to Kiki that he's been denying himself human blood for centuries, and then asks why she has awoken him. She wants to know how to kill Satan Klaus. MtVVS asserts he can indeed kill Klaus and asks her to loosen him from his chains. Kiki complies. MtVVS rubs the kinks out of his arms as he thanks her. Katherine says, "A little blood will grease those muscles up real quick. Just sayin'..." When MtVVS says, "I don't feed on living things," Kiki asks him what he does eat. He grabs her by the scruff of her neck, draws him to her and sucks her blood 'til she falls limp. She can't be dead, right? She'd have to be staked, beheaded, or burnt. Drain her blood and she'll come back. Right? RIGHT?!

Mossy Manse: On their way out, Elena encourages Alaric to be friends with Damon again. Alaric's not having any, thanks. Before they get out the door, they meet up with Stefan who acknowledges they got him tonight. "I wasn't expecting that." Alaric says that was the plan. Okay. WHY have they not re-vervained him? Seriously? Also, how did Stefan come to -- so quickly? Has he been vervaining himself and faking compulsion? Anyhow, Stefan asserts that no matter what they think of him, Elena needs him to keep her safe. When Alaric and Elena shake their heads and make to go, Stefan asks Elena to wait. Once Alaric is out of (our) view, Stefan asks why they saved him from the burning car. Elena says, "Because I still have hope." Stefan: "After everything I've done, you -- you still think I'll be able to find my humanity again." Elena does. "I know who you really are -- better than anyone, Stefan." Oh, seriously? Once she adds, "And I'm not giving up," Stefan stares her down. "Elena, do you have any idea how pathetic that makes you?' Elena shakes her head. "No Stefan." A beat. "It makes me strong." She grits her teeth and punches him in the gut -- hard enough that her stake ejecto-bracelet discharges. As Stefan falls to his knees in pain, Elena removes the device from her wrist and hands it to Alaric, who -- apparently -- has been at the door all this time. After she disappears from view, Alaric looks at Stefan with the satisfied smile of a proud papa.

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