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Anyhow, Bonnie wishes Germ a happy first day of school in a tone that would leave the entire population of Ecuador frostbitten. She's not crazy about sharing space in their relationship with Vicki and Anna. Germ says he hasn't talked to Vicki in a while, and says he had to talk to Anna to get information they needed. He really did, Bonnie. Katherine kidnapped him and stuck him in a car trunk. She's not listening. She tells Jeremy to put himself in her shoes. "You loved both of them. And you guys didn't break up. They died. And you keep letting them back in." Germ's laughter betrays his guilt and I'm suddenly sorry I spoke in his defense. "Hurrr hurrrr you think I want any of this?" Bonnie looks away from him as she shuts her locker and after taking a moment, turns to face him again. "I uh... I think you have the power to decide whether or not you see them. Remember that." She walks away and then looks at him over her shoulder. "Okay?"

MFHS Parking Lot: Matt sits in his truck looking at all the students wandering toward school when Vicki pops in. He was thinking about their first day last year. "I was worried about running into Elena and you said..." Vicki finishes his sentence. "Suck it up. Be a man, and show her what she's missing." Matt adds, "Yeah. Instead, she met a vampire." When Vicki asks if he's okay, he says life is a lot to deal with, with her gone and their mom not around. They confess they miss each other, and then Vicki asks, "What if I told you there was a way that you could help me come back?" Before she can explain what she means, Tyler walks up and bangs on Matt's truck door. Vicki disappears. When Matt gets out of the truck, Ty asks if he was talking to himself. Matt changes the subject. "What's got you in such a good mood?" Tyler: "We're seniors, man. Life is good." Is it just me, or has hybridism made him a little 'roid rage-y again?

Mikael's Crypt: Katherine is dangling a mouse over Mikael the Vampire Vampire Slayer (MtVVS), but he's not tempted enough to even stir. He doesn't wake when she yells at him to wake, either. Damon calls and scolds her for not taking his calls for two days. Thanks to Germ, he knows she found MtVVS. Katherine complains that MtVVS has refused to wake for any number of treats. "And I've tried everything. Grave diggers. Mourners. Mice. Rats. Bats. He's just not interested." Damon tells her to try harder. "We need him to kill Klaus so I can de-Ripper-fy Stefan -- before he destroys the house." Katherine spots a fresh mourner visiting a nearby grave and says, "Fine. I'll give it another shot." What a team player.

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