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Come On, Buffy

Classroom: Elena and Alaric are alone. She's catching him up on Stefan, her Ripper Bodyguard. She insists they have to do something, because having him in school is good for none of them. Caroline enters class and sits at Elena's left. Then Stefan comes in and boots another student from Elena's right. "You're in my seat." Alaric welcomes the seniors back and introduces his topic, this country's original founders (he means inhabitants, because he's only a history teacher so he doesn't have a good working definition of "country"). Just then Rebekah saunters in, takes a seat in the first row and asks "What about the Vikings?" Alaric says there's no evidence Viking explorers settled here and asks who she is. "My name's Rebekah. I'm new and history is my favorite subject." Elena sends Alaric urgent eye telegraphs that read, "EVIL EVIL SHE IS EVIL!!!"

MFHS Exterior, Stoner Pit: The camera pans past a VW bus covered in peace signs, hears, flowers, smiley faces -- you name it. I mean, the '70s are looking for a royalty check. Matt arrives and it's not long before Vicki shows up and tells him he has no business in the stoner pit. He wants to know what she meant about helping her come back. She explains that she can only "come back" when he's thinking about her, but he can change that. "I know this sounds crazy, but I have help from the other side." Matt says, "The other side?" Just then, Jeremy walks out a stoner-pit-adjacent door and hollers, "Dude, what are you doing over here?" Vicki smiles at the Germ, but Jeremy only looks at Matt and says he's just looking for his stoner lab partner. As he looks around, he never makes eye contact with Vicki and then tells Matt he'll see him around. Once he's gone, Matt turns to a clearly confused Vicki. "Can he not see you anymore?'

MFHS Bathroom: Jeremy tells Anna Matt was talking to Vicki right in the open. "When he died and came back, he must have started seeing her. She said she could come back -- that she had help on the other side." Anna wonders what kind of help. We cut to the...

Stoner Pit: Vicki tells Matt, "The witch I've been talking to says there's a ritual. She can do magic from my side that can push me over to yours."

MFHS Bathroom: Jeremy asks if it's possible. "Could she come back?" Anna figures if Vicki has a stronger foothold, she might be able to.

Stoner Pit: Vicki tells Matt pretty much the same thing and that she'll be able to come and go as she chooses. Matt: "But you'll still be a ghost, Vick." Vicki: "In a town full of vampires, werewolves and witches. I'll fit right in." She also says no one else will be able to see her.

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