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The Body
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I stopped covering the "Previouslies" for this show because... well because they get on my nerves. The recap at the top of "Stand By Me" though, has changed enough since the beginning of Season Gore Cure Bore, that I'll give you the skinny. It's all about the Bore. Elena: "I'm Elena Gilbert -- a vampire in search of the cure." Shane: "You dig up Silas and you've got your cure." Vaughn: "There is only one dose." Jeremy hugs his sister/half-cousin. "I really want to get that cure for you." Before snapping his neck, Rebekah tells Stefan: "If I gave you the cure to take yourself, you'd give it to Elena, wouldn't you?" Stefan narrates: "We all want it." Damon tells Stefan: "Help Elena get the damned thing." Bonnie: "We've risked everything to get it." Elena tells Stefan: "She's here!" Jeremy yells, "Katherine," as our girl Kiki grabs him and force feeds his blood to Silas's desiccated corpse. When Silas grabs Jeremy's neck. Katherine grabs the box containing the Bore. Silas snaps Jeremy's neck. Our poor Germ falls dead on the crypt floor. Still speaking of their Race for the Cure, Jeremy narrates: "And we failed."

Now back home at Gilbert Gables, Elena looks at a broken frame containing one photo of her and one of Jeremy from their younger days. She flashes back to the...

Cave. Elena finds her brother's his dead body, grabs his hand to ensure the Protect-o Ring is still in place, then sobs half to herself, and half to her Dead Jeremy, that he's going to be fine. Stefan watches from a distance. After a time cut, he catches Damon up. Katherine has been following them; if there was a Bore in the crypt, it is gone, as is Bonnie. Stefan tells Damon that although Elena's waiting for the ring to resurrect Jeremy, since he was one of The Five and a hunter, his newly acquired supernaturality means the ring will no longer work. Damon says: "She won't survive this. I'll find Bonnie. You get Elena off this Island." Isn't that backwards? Contrivance Fairy: "Hey, someone has to watch out for the Stefan/Elena fans." We cut to...

Gilbert Gables. When Stefan, Elena and Jeremy's corpse get home, they find Caroline trying to scrub extra crispy Kol off the floor. Yes, they've just traveled somewhere between 1200 and 1500 miles and crossed an international border -- with a corpse. Whether by land, air or sea, that must have been fun at customs. Caroline is shocked to see that Jeremy's dead, and disturbed when she realizes Elena thinks there is a prayer of that ring bringing him back. Stefan lays Jeremy's body on his bed. Elena sits next to him and holds his hand. She's just going to wait until he wakes up. We cut to...

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