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The Body

Recapper: That makes me wonder if shutting "it" off will somehow weaken (or, arguably, further weaken) the sire bond. After all, the sire bond happens when a human is in love with a vampire, and that vampire turns her. In shutting off her humanity, has Damon shut off the part of Elena that is "sired" to him?

Stefan blathers about how Elena's humanity was all she had left. What does that even mean? Damon says, "Humanity means nothing when don't have anyone to care about, Stefan."

Stefan: She had you.

Damon: She lost her brother. I'm not enough -- not this time.

Stefan: Listen Damon, I know that you and I -- we've been through some bad spots lately -- especially when it comes to her.

Damon: Yeah, well, guess none of that matters anymore.

Stefan: Can we kiss and make up?

Damon: Only in fanfic. In the script, all we're left with is half finished sentences, shoulder pats and meaningful glances.

Fic Writers: We'll fix that.

Back inside Elena wanders past Dead Jeremy and through Gilbert Gables for what I know will be the last time, even before she picks up a match and lights it. The boys enter then. Damon asks Elena not to do this. They can find another cover story. Elena says this is the best one, because no one will ask questions.

Stefan: If you burn down the house, it'll be gone. What if one day, when this is all over, you want to go home again.

Thomas Wolfe: You can't do that. I wrote a whole book about it, and everything.

Recapper: Tom, these kids can't even make it to school, never mind do independent reading. Save your undead breath.

Elena says she won't want to come home again and drops the match. She, Damon and Stefan walk out the door, without so much as a photograph or a few outfits. We cut back inside and watch Jeremy burn up. I guess Elena's not watching Supernatural, or she would have salted his corpse, first. The fire effects are chilling. We travel from Jeremy to his sketches, to his sneaker, to the kitchen, to whoever's journal that was, then fade to black.

Before I close, I need to make a few remarks. I know this recap has been different, but I just can't let myself fully engage with the sorrow in this episode. Similarly, I seem incapable of caring about the mythology, which has grown so convoluted. I guess that even though Silas is no longer a witch, he can use vampiric mind control to appear to Bonnie in Shane's form, and Jeremy's form, and probably any form he wants. It's a bit like Buffy's First Evil, but at least the First Evil was limited to appearing as dead people. Once again, a villain is so powerful that I can't take him seriously. That is assuming Silas is a villain. He certainly can't be a good guy, but I don't know what to make of him and having him wear Shane's face clouds it all for me, even further. If the gang can't get the cure and shove it down his throat, then maybe Rebekah can give the Son Of White Oak Stake a shot.

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