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The Body

Rebekah has Vaughn in the cave, now. He's still tied up. He encourages her to use the Bore to kill Silas, but Rebekah's not interested in that. As she starts to leave, Vaughn cautions her because Silas is running around up above. When he tells Rebekah to look in his pack, she finds Silas's death mask. Vaughn tells her no one has seen Silas's face. "How do you hide from the devil when you don't know what he looks like? Who knows? Maybe I'm him. Mark my words. If you don't use the cure to kill him, it doesn't matter if you're human or vampire. You are doomed. We all are." Rebekah drops the mask and Stealth-Salvatores out of the cave. Vaughn calls after her, "Good luck to ya, lass. You've all brought this upon yourselves. May you rot in it! Ha ha ha."

Back in Mystic Falls, as she returns to Gilbert Gables, Caroline leaves another voice mail for Tyler. When she finishes, Damon and Bonnie arrive. While Caroline takes Bonnie in her arms, Damon asks where Stefan is. When Caroline mentions she heard that Bonnie knows what to do, Damon turns his eye-thing dial up to CRAZY and says, "I need to talk to my brother." When she asks what's wrong, he makes the slightest gesture toward Bonnie and we flash back to...

Craphole Down East. Woods. Bonnie, still on her knees, tells "Shane" she will do whatever it takes. "Whatever you ask of me, I'll do it." "Shane" promises she'll see Jeremy, again. There are just a few things they need to do, first. We flash forward to the...

Gilbert Gables Kitchen. Bonnie babbles about completing an Expression triangle for Silas. I hate this season's mythology, so I'm trying to keep this to the bare bones. When Matt's all, "WHAT?" we cut...

Outside. Damon tells Stefan that Bonnie is out of her magic gourd. "The Nutty Professor has her totally brainwashed." Back inside, the convoluted crazy continues, unabated.

Matt: You can't kill 12 people.

Bonnie: No, it's totally okay. Let me show you my flashback.

Flashback "Shane": When Silas was buried by Q, she left him with the cure and two choices -- stay immortal and rot, or take the cure and eventually die in there of old age.

Flashback Bonnie: Silas has been trapped there for 2000 years. Wouldn't death by old age have been better?

Flashback "Shane": No. Q had one-upped him. She knew he wanted to die to find peace and be reunited for his true love, so she created The Other Side -- a purgatory for supernaturals. If he died, he'd end up there, forever. That's where you come in.

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