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Just Because I Tell You Things Doesn't Mean You're Allowed To Know Them

Party, exterior. Jeremy calls out to Matt who is wandering between the parked cars. "What are you doing?" Matt says he can't find his truck. Jeremy points out that that's a sign he shouldn't be driving and offers him a ride. Matt says Jeremy is more stoned than he is, but he doesn't look it to me. Jeremy hops in what I think might be Stefan's little red sports car. Jeremy gets in the car first and Vicki appears in the passenger seat. He calls out her name, and she says, "Help me," then disappears. When Matt gets in the car he asks Jeremy what he just said. "Did you just say 'Vicki' as in my sister Vicki. Jeremy lies that he didn't say anything. When he starts the car and turns on the lights, Anna appears in front of him. He quickly shuts it back off and when Matt asks what's wrong, Jeremy says, "Maybe we should just walk."

Back inside, Tyler wants to know why Caroline is pissed that he brought Sophie. I mean, we all know he knows why she's pissed, but he wants her to say it. Things get pretty tense as he makes it clear that if she thinks he shouldn't be dating, then all she has to do is say something. She shut him down. He says, "I'm not going there again, unless you make it crystal clear that..." Before he can finish, she flies at him and kisses him passionately. When they finally stop Tyler says, "Let's get out of here." Caroline is breathless as she nods. "Uh huh." Damon's on his way back in as the couple are leaving the party. Caroline hands him her bottle of booze and scolds, "Hey! You missed the cake." A defeated Damon lays the booze bottle on a table and makes his way to his room for some respite, but instead he finds Elena with a handful of articles, demanding to know why he made her feel like an idiot all summer whenever she brought a lead on Stefan to him. Damon says, "You were an idiot. We both were." She demands to know what he knows. He tries to shoo her back to the party, but Elena's not having any of that. "We were supposed to be in this together. Why didn't you tell me that you've been tracking Klaus's victims?" Damon turns to face her. "Because they're not Klaus's victims, Elena. They're Stefan's! He's left a trail of body parts up and down the Eastern Seaboard." Elena keeps shaking her head and uttering her disbelief but Damon persists. "I've seen it happen before. He's flipped a switch to full-blown Ripper." When Elena tells him to stop, Damon shouts, "No, you stop, Elena. Stop looking for him. Stop waiting for him to come home. Stefan is gone and he's not coming back. Not in your lifetime." Articles in hand, Damon walks out of the room, leaving Elena in tears as she holds onto her necklace like it's her only lifeline.

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