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The Birthday

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Just Because I Tell You Things Doesn't Mean You're Allowed To Know Them

Lockwood Mansion: After sex, Tyler is sound asleep, so Caroline slips back into her clothes and sneaks downstairs where she runs into Carol Lockwood, who is all, "Leaving so soon?" Caroline thinks this is just an embarrassing, awkward moment, but oh, no! It's so much more. Carol has doused Caroline's purse with vervain, so when Caroline picks it up on her way out, her hand starts to smoke. This is all the proof Carol needs. She shoots Caroline in the back with several vervain darts and our Vampire Barbie is down for the count. Thud. Title card.

Here's a little present for you all, courtesy of editors/goddesses Angel Cohn and Rachel Stein. Enjoy!

I'll be back Friday morning with the recaplet of "The Hybrid." In the meantime, please grade the episode up top and join us in the forum, where the only chaperone is Alaric, so bottoms up!

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