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Just Because I Tell You Things Doesn't Mean You're Allowed To Know Them

Damon wanders downstairs just as Elena enters and smirks a good morning to her. She thinks he heard her and showed up in nothing but bubbles on purpose. He doesn't correct her, probably because he would have done the same thing even if he wasn't in search of more champagne. Instead he just tells her she should learn to knock. "What if I was indecent." Evil Pixie Monster! Elena has the good grace not to remind him that technically, Mossy Manse is in her name. Now, she turned her back on him as soon as she realized he was naked, so she finds a blanket on the back of a chair and tosses it behind her in his general direction. Damon smirks as he covers up from the hips down. Eyes covered, Elena is faces him. Finally, she peeks (it's a cute move) and sees that he's more or less covered now, so she drops her hand and tells him about Sheriff Forbes' new lead on Stefan. Damon pooh poohs the information as yet another dead end, so Elena says she'll go investigate by herself. Damon's against that. Klaus thinks she's dead and it's safer for her if he keeps thinking that, so Damon (seemingly) reluctantly agrees to check it out.

Once Elena is gone, Damon goes upstairs and discusses the lead with Andie. Despite dismissing it to Elena's face, he is taking it quite seriously. He's taking the whole search seriously. He has a closet full of leads, and a map with pins marking all the possible Stefan sightings. Andie thinks this new lead might have legs, too. "That Florida victim you had me look into had family in Tennessee." She can't go with Damon to check it out, but she'll see if she can dig up an address. Damon kisses her and Andie says she'll see him at the party. Once she's gone, my possible favorite Damon moment of all time happens. He turns his Evil Pixie Monster eye-thing on his own closet full of leads. Ha. I mean, what is that? He's hilarious with that schtick. I can't stop laughing and I'm not even on muscle relaxers right now.

Mystic Grill. Jeremy's working in the kitchen and video chatting with Bonnie in a Motorola phone product placement that is way less annoying than those Bing ones were last season. We won't see Bonnie for the rest of the episode. She's away spending time with relatives, and Jeremy's bored without her. Bonnie feels the same. "My dad's side of the family is like wet paint that never dries." So... they're smelly, sticky and kind of a mess, then -- like the simile you just butchered? Okee dokee. When Jeremy complains about work, Bonnie lectures that a summer job is good for him. "You needed some normal in your life." Just then, there's a buzz in the kitchen and the lights go out. Jeremy's clearly alarmed. Bonnie asks, "What was that?" Jeremy writes it off as nothing and tries to rush to get off the phone. Bonnie wants to know if he's okay. He insists he is and ends the call way too quickly. Just then, the lights go out again. When they come back on, Vicki is standing in front of him. He drops his phone, says her name and she's gone. When he stoops to pick up the phone, Anna is behind him. As she reaches to touch his back, the kitchen doors start to open. Anna disappears before anyone sees her, even the Germ. Matt bursts in the kitchen. "I need you to switch sections with me." It seems Caroline and Tyler just sat in his section, and Matt yells that he doesn't feel like waiting on his ex-girlfriend. Matt, you know you're my Pudding Pop, but it is your fault that she is your ex.

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