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Just Because I Tell You Things Doesn't Mean You're Allowed To Know Them

Tulley, Southern Comfort Bar. Ray is chained to the wall with his head in front of the dart board. Stefan dips his darts in the wolfsbane-tainted booze and throws them at Ray indiscriminately, as he asks where his pack gathers for the full moon. Wait. What? Didn't they gather at that house, hence the chains? And didn't Klaus know that, since he told the women he knew Ray must come home at least once a month? Am I over-thinking this? I still haven't taken a muscle relaxer. Maybe it's the pain talking. Okay. I'll move on.

Ray can't give up his pack, but despite his sense of whimsy (and I'm so glad there's some whimsy in Stefan's Ripper), Stefan won't take no for an answer. Nodding his head in Klaus's direction, Stefan says, "I know. I know. You live by a code and all that, but see he's not going to let me stop until you tell me. And I do whatever he says. That's the way it goes around here." If it didn't hurt to stand suddenly, I'd be on my feet giving Paul Wesley a standing ovation for his delivery there. His tone starts out light hearted, conveying that he does indeed take some pleasure in torturing Ray, even though Stefan probably never watched an episode 7th Heaven is his unnaturally long life. But then, Wesley manages to show the slightest hint of real concern for Ray, that he swiftly shoves down behind a veneer of faux concern. Watching him, I feel like Stefan is both sickened by himself and proud of himself (in a twisted way) by the time he's telling Ray that Klaus is running the show. I could seriously go on about his performance in this one scene for another hour, but you don't want to read that and my back can't handle it. He's humiliated and yet liberated by remaining under Klaus's thumb. I wondered all summer if Paul and the writers could pull this off in a way that didn't make me want to stake Stefan. Going by this episode, it seems they've laid down just the right path.

Anyhoooooo, while Stefan is tormenting Ray and delighting the people who loved to hate the Camdens, Klaus gets a tip from a compelled bar patron, Claudine, that she saw Stefan's brother at the Tennessee farm house. Klaus thanks her and encourages her to keep her eyes open. Stefan hears all this and leaves Ray to ask Klaus about Damon. Klaus says Damon is still on their trail. "He's getting closer. I'm going to have to deal with that." As Klaus walks off, Stefan grabs his arm and pulls him back. "No, no, no. Let me handle that." Klaus raises his eyebrows as he turns to face Stefan. "Why should I let you leave?" Stefan: "Because you know I'll come back." Klaus: "Do I?" Stefan: "You saved my brother's life, I'm in your service." Klaus sighs. "Oh, that almost sounds so tediously indentured. Aren't you even having the littlest bit of fun?" He smiles as he gestures towards the blood-soaked Ray, who still has darts sticking out of his forehead and chest. Stefan redirects the conversation. "I'll make sure my brother doesn't bother us anymore."

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