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Sidebar: All right, the first time I watched this scene, I couldn't decide if Tyler was Tyler part of the time. It's pretty clear from the Julie Plec interview I linked on page one, that this is Klaus in Tyler, or Klyler, if you will, the whole time. The "beautiful life" line did give me pause, even when I was writing the recaplet, but still, I found this unnecessarily confusing. Yes, there is a need for Caroline to be fooled, but there's no need for the audience to be confused. Maybe we could have skipped a few parallels with sophomore year, and a few instances of telegraphing Elena's choice, and made this scene a little clearer.

Matt's Truck. Elena's on the phone with a heartbroken Caroline. When Matt learns the news about Tyler, he breaks down and punches the hell out of his steering wheel. "Damn it. Damn it, damn it, damn it." He's lost so much. "This isn't how our lives were supposed to be, Elena." We cut to the...

Woods. Rebekah finds Elijah and tells him Klaus is gone. There is nothing she could do to stop it. Elijah: "Tyler Lockwood is dead, but the rest survived. You said that Niklaus turned their bloodline." Rebekah: "I thought he did." When Elijah says it wasn't him and wasn't Kol, Rebekah says it wasn't her, either. We all know it wasn't funless Finn. Rebekah is sure it was Klaus. Elijah says, "Then how are they still alive?"

Dungeon. Bonnie strolls in and finds Klyler. He compliments her on her brilliant execution of the body swap spell, then slides in a dig. "I didn't think you had it in you." Bonnie says, "I did it to save my friends and my mother, Klaus -- not you." Klyler tells her the spirits won't be happy with her, but Bonnie says the spirits can like it or lump it. She's done getting pushed around by everyone. She did it because she wanted to. Dear Show, Kat G. is awesome. Please make some actual use of her next season. The end.

Stefan is walking through the woods when Rebekah calls him. "You're alive. Congratulations. Elijah spoke to Elena. Her and Matt should be arriving back in town, any minute." Her and Matt? Did she go to the Sage School of grammar? Stefan knows about Matt and Elena, but says Elijah also told him that he and Rebekah would be long gone by now. Rebekah says, "That's the problem. Elijah says we have to run -- that the hunter will keep coming after us, but I don't want to run anymore, Stefan. I spent my whole life running." Stefan is all, but what about our deal? Klaus is dead. Rebekah says there's no deal. "If my brothers and I are to survive, we have to get rid of Alaric, and the only way to get rid of Alaric..." We cut to a shot of Matt's truck approaching Wickery Bridge. Stefan, still on the phone says, "Rebekah, no!"

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