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SFTiCEfBRaAtRaLbiFtFfDtL. Damon and Vamparic continue to duke it out. When Damon gets the upper hand, they both realize something hinky is going down. Damon holds Alaric and says, "You are not dead." My poor, poor Evil Pixie Monster. Not only is he mourning his best friend, he's also mourning his almost girlfriend. "You are not dead." Meep!

Gilbert Gables. Jeremy is on the phone -- leaving a message for Matt, when he sees Alaric. He tells his former teacher and guardian that he's done enough. "How did you even get in here?" Alaric says, "I don't know. I just wanted to say goodbye and it kind of happened." Jeremy finally gets it. This isn't Vamparic; it's the ghost of Alaric. Alaric says, "I just want you to know, I will always be here to look after you, Jeremy. And you'll never be alone. Okay? I promise." At first, Jeremy doesn't understand. Once Alaric gives him the look, Jeremy gets it. "Oh my God. You're a ghost. But if you're dead, that means Elena..." Alaric doesn't confirm Elena's death, but then -- he doesn't have to.

Mystic Falls Hospital. Elena's corpse lies on a stretcher. Stefan keeps a mournful watch. Out in the hall, Mere is talking to a coworker when Damon arrives. "Where is she?" Before he rushes to his shared girlfriend's side, Mere wants to dump some knowledge on him. When Jeremy brought her in earlier, Elena's injuries were worse than Mere let on. She doped her up with VAMPIRE BLOOD! Damon is all, "You what?!" We cut to...

The Morgue or Wherever. Elena's beautiful corpse lies on the stretcher. Suddenly, her head rises. Elena gasps. We go on a months-long hiatus. Happy Summer!

I know there was stuff and things I had to say, but I'm past my deadline and this is WAY past a weecap. My parting words are for the Damon/Elena fans. Trust me. This isn't the end. It is the beginning. Also? Please stop being mean to Julie Plec. She's an actual human with actual feelings. Thank you. Goodnight.

I'll be be sleeping for a few months. In the meantime, please grade the episode up top and join us in the forum, where the disembodied voice of Damon keeps yelling at us.

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