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A Proverbial Coin Toss

Gilbert Gables Front Porch. Like Matt, Jeremy wants to grab Elena and get her out of here and away from all this. Matt suggests that's exactly what they do. There's a bit of a weird fake out, here. Jeremy says even if he wanted to help Vamparic, he has no idea where Desikklaus is. Matt says, "I do." Jeremy looks at him. We cut to the...

Mystic Grill. Jeremy calls Vamparic and says he knows where Desikklaus is. "Damon's on his way to bury him in the woods off Route 12. I'll text you with the specifics." Vamparic thanks Jeremy and tells him he's doing the right thing for his sister. We cut to Jeremy who exchanges a look with Elena. After he hangs up, Jeremy tells Elena, Stefan, Elijah and Matt, "He bought it." Commercial.

Mayoral Mansion. Caroline doesn't want to leave town when their friends need them. Tyler points out their mothers need them to stay alive. He says the Salvatores will protect themselves and then adds, "Let me protect you." Caroline will go anywhere with Tyler. She'll run if he wants, but first, she needs to help her friends. They agree to meet in the old Lockwood dungeon in two hours. Tyler notes they have to travel light and asks Caroline what she needs. "Ah, just you... Maybe a curling iron." Love her. When she says she has to tell Bonnie, Tyler says he'll call Bonnie. I'm sticking a pin in that comment. They kiss and Caroline runs off.

Storage Facility That is Close Enough for Bonnie, Rebekah and Alaric to Reach and Leave, but is Far too Far for Damon to Leave (SFTiCEfBRaAtRaLbiFtFfDtL). Damon complains to Bonnie about Elena's decision. When Bonnie says, "It was her call," Damon answers, "You know what else was her call? Everything bad, ever." Hold up a second, Brain Trust. Since Alaric knows about it, and now has humans on his side, perhaps the No Vampires Allowed Cave wouldn't be the best Desikklaus hiding place, but neither is a random storage facility that any and all can enter. You've been pretty productive this season, but you are still the King of Capriciousness. You live in a glass house, is what I'm saying.

Damon leads Bonnie to SFTiCEfBRaAtRaLbiFtFfDtL Storage Unit 1020 (because "666" was too obvious), where Desikklaus rests in not exactly peace. When Bonnie opens his casket, Desikklaus opens his eyes. Damon says, "Whoa, creepy." I think I might have nightmares about that all summer. Damon tells Bonnie to get on with casting a spell that will shield Desikklaus from any locator spells. That is, he doesn't want to give Vamparic the chance to co-opt a witch and force her to locate Desikklaus. Bonnie says she wants a minute alone with Desi. Damon foolishly finds nothing hinky about that. He closes the storage unit door when he leaves and apparently doesn't even use his vamponic hearing to eaves drop, and yet he questions Our Lady of Compassionate Yet Questionable Judgment's judgment? Pixie, please! Alone with Desikklaus, Bonnie looks at him for a moment. "You should burn in Hell, but if you die, so do my friends, so does my mother. What am I supposed to do about that?" Oh, I don't know, Bon, but it's gonna be totes awesome, totes terrible, or totes both.

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