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Welcome back, everyone. Our show is back with a bang. Since it picks up right where we left off ages ago, I will not keep you waiting. I'm much kinder than the CW's scheduling monkeys.

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries, Damon killed Mason "Brick House" Lockwood. Mason's wolfy friend Jules (a.k.a. Third Hilton Sister aka THS) showed up in Mystic Falls, looking for him. Damon pissed her off, so she "marked" him (in a way that may or may not have involved pee). But when the full moon crested, Wolf-Jules ended up off the mark, and bit Rose, instead. Elsewhere, Tyler and Caroline bonded over his first transition into wolfdom, and Elena tried to sacrifice herself to keep her loved ones safe, but ended up cutting a deal with Elijah that stinks to high heaven. Also, Junior Manwitch tricked Bonnie into thinking they destroyed the moonstone, oh and there was probably a bunch of other stuff too, but who cares? We've got new TVD, right...

NOW: The episode opens on THS lying naked in the woods. Her lips and hands are smeared with blood (but her hair is perfect! Aroooo werewolves of Mystic). She rises and walks a piece to a campsite, which is littered with the bodies (and stray body parts) of an extremely unfortunate camping party. She swipes some clothes, and is piling the bodies (and parts!) atop the campfire, when a deputy or ranger or someone happens upon her. THS kneels, cries and plays the victim, while Mr. Ranger goes to call in the slaughter. Once his back is turned, she kills him.

Mossy Manse: Elena enters Stefan's room looking for him, and he Stealth-Salvatores up behind her and surprises her. He's all shirtless and smoochy, but still spoils the moment when he insists they do some more research on Satan Klaus. As Elena prepares a diluted mixture of Vervain, and Stefan (sadly) puts on a shirt, he says that he wants to find Isobel and get some more answers. He's not 100% comfy that Elijah's deal is sound, and besides it's her deal, not his. Even diluted, the Vervain chokes Stefan and brings him to the floor. But he wants to build up a tolerance, which is pretty smart. Now, since Elena tasted the vervain mixture before giving it to Stefan, people in the forums are wondering if she's still feeding Stefan little bits of her blood to build up his human blood tolerance as well. I don't think her little taste of Vervain rules that out, so unless we're told otherwise, I'm assuming Stefan's still working the human blood angle, too, because he needs the enhanced vamp features to protect his girl. When Elena asks how Elijah can compel another vampire, Stefan doesn't know. "He's an Original. Nobody really knows what that means..." Not even the writers yet, apparently. When Elena tries to argue with him, he kisses her into silence.

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