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Mossy Manse: Elena tucks a suffering Rose into Damon's bed. It's our first look at his room, and Elena jokes about being surprised he doesn't have silk sheets. There's an adjoining bath with a big old tub, and oh yeah, Elena's thinking about it, even if she pretends she's not. She examines the books by the side of his bed and rolls her eyes in amusement, when she sees the book on top is Gone With the Wind. I laugh so hard I have to pause my TiVo. Rose tells Elena that she's lucky. "No one's ever loved me the way you're loved." She then bemoans her years without love and family, when she was on the run from Elijah. Trevor was her best friend, but that's all. She can't figure out why Elena's so ready to give up. Elena says she's not. Rose wonders if Elena really buys that Bonnie was able to destroy the moonstone. Elena says she doesn't buy it. She's (rightly) assuming the witch who helped Bonnie must be Elijah's witch. Rose can't believe Elena is ready to die. "At least I ran. You're not even trying." She starts to drift off, and then talks in her sleep, about Trevor preparing the horses. She writhes in pain and wakes enough to ask Elena for more blood. When Elena gives it to her, Rose vomits it up. Elena runs for a towel and when she returns to the bedroom, Rose isn't in the bed. She Stealth-Salvatores up behind Elena and... COMMERCIAL.

After the break, Rose vamps out and confuses Elena for Katherine. Elena is able to bring her back to the present day. When lucid, Rose is horrified at her mistake and begs Elena not to fear her. Elena says she doesn't as she steers Rose back to bed, and tries to keep her rooted in the present. Rose wants to go home -- to St. Austell (Cornwall, England). It's all field and trees and horses. I'd like to go there, too! Who's with me? Rose bemoans her wasted years and thank goodness we cut away, because I have liked Rose from the get-go, but I'm suddenly with Damon. If she doesn't stop being so maudlin, I'll kill her, myself.

Grill: Stefan calls Isobel's number and leaves her an Elena-centric message. Damon walks in and Stefan tries to keep him from doing anything rash to THS, know -- Damon! They snark at each other and Damon keeps pretending he's not upset about Rose dying. When he finally talks to THS, he promises he won't harm her, if only she'll tell him how to cure Rose. THS pretends like she's going along, but then smiles. "Bite me." And, yeah, I'm with those of you who think there's truth behind that wisecrack. I bet werewolf blood is the cure. Too bad Damon (who is usually sharper) doesn't get there in this episode, because SPOILER: Rose is so gonna die. When Damon persists in asking for a cure, THS gets awfully cocky, detailing all the agonies Rose will suffer. But I get a little pissed at him when she mentions the dementia and that Rose will turn rabid. I mean, I thought it was dumb he left Elena to play nurse, in the first place, but when he did, Rose was lucid and as weak as a kitten, so I can understand how he made that mistake. But now? He knows there's a chance she'll lose itand yet he doesn't rush back to Mossy Manse? That just seems out of character, to me. At any rate, THS tells him the only cure is to stake Rose in the heart. She then struts off, and we return to...

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