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Mossy Manse: Elena brings some clean sheets into the room, but Rose is gone. Elena calls someone (Damon?) and leaves a message that she's worried about Rose and that [whoever] should come home. She finds Rose in the basement, sucking down more blood. Rose is again delusional and convinced Elena is Katerina. There's chasing, and hiding, and opening curtains to burn Rose. Elena tries to run out of the house, but Rose is too fast for her. Elena barricades herself in Stefan's room, opens the doors the to balcony, and then doesn't go out and sit in the sunshine, which makes me yell at my TV. I hate yelling at my TV. It's my friend. Poor old TV.

MFHS: Matt tracks down Caroline and wants to know why she ran away from his kiss. She admits she loves him, but she can't be with him. He wants to know what she's keeping from him and says if she loves him, she'll tell him, but when they're interrupted by a cheerleader in need of more burgers (not a euphemism, because what would that even mean), Caroline disappears.

Mossy Manse; After Dark (sounds like an adult TV show): More tension. Elena has a makeshift stake. Blah blee bloo. Finally, Damon arrives home. They can't find Rose. That's because Rose is at the...

MFHS Event O' The Week: She's choking and suffering, so a kindly janitor, who is (OF COURSE) African-American, tries to help her, and she eats him. As I said in the recaplet, if you're not supernatural, and happen to have any more melanin than Nina Dobrev, you are a total goner on this show. Even a lot of the supernaturals don't fare so well, like Tomb Vamp, Bree, Grams. You know the drill. C'mon show. It's 2011.

Damon runs into She's the Sheriff, who informs him of the janitor's demise and asks for his vamp hunting help. Meanwhile, delusional Rose attacks some teenagers (white, this time) in the parking lot. Damon stops her, gets through to her, and he and Elena take her home. Poor Rose. She's not only suffering physically, she's also devastated when she realizes she's killed. I like that TVD vampires aren't automatically cold-blooded killers and that souls aren't so much of an issue. It's a nice twist on the myth.

Anyhow, back at the Manse, Rose apologizes to him and Elena. Damon tries to chase Elena away, but she remains. Rose goes into how conflicted her vampirism makes her feel. There's immediate pleasure after a kill, but it hurts, because she wasn't meant to be evil. Damon snaps at her to stop talking about it. When he turns his back, Rose addresses Elena. "Damon's a lot like me. He wants to care, but the minute he does, he runs away from it." Damon's back is turned, but we see him wince in recognition of the truth. Rose then apologizes for all she's done today, and tells Elena: "You need to fight. I know that you're scared, but you have to do it anyhow." She also wonders why Elena is so nice. Elena chalks it up to humanity. Rose then mourns her lost humanity, saying, "You never forget it." It's not long before she's moaning and screaming. Damon chases Elena out of the room and holds Rose, trying to comfort her.

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