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I Am Not Your Woobie; I'm Your Hamlet!

Fortress Forbes: Tyler is waiting on the stoop when Caroline gets home. He wants to know why Caroline has done so much for him when he's such a danger to her. Caroline asks why it's so hard for him to let someone help. She starts to rant that she cares about him, and is all, "So forgive me if I overstepped my boundaries by actually giving a..." It's then that Pudding Pup lays a big old smooch on her. Caroline likes it, because when he pulls back and moves in more softly, she goes all in. But finally she stops him and yells, "Everyone just needs to stop kissing me!" and runs in the house. Hee!

Mossy Manse: Once Rose falls asleep in Damon's arm, he compels her to dream (the way he's compelled Elena and the way Katherine has compelled Stefan). They're back in her Cornish village, in ye olde olden days of olde. She's in a field with horses and Damon. Insert your own stallion joke here. As Dream-Rose soaks up the sun, she talks about missing her humanity, friends and family. She tells Dream-Damon that he's built up a life, but he tries to change the subject. The scene is beautiful and touching, even with cuts back to the real world and Mossy Manse. Dream Rose wants to know if she'll see her family again. Dream Damon tells her he thinks she'll see whoever she wants to see. Her pain is gone and she's no longer afraid. Back at Mossy Manse, Damon lifts a stake and raises it over Rose's heart. Back in the dream, Dream Rose proposes a race to the trees. Dream Damon says she'll lose, but she reminds him she's older and has better insurance. Oh, sorry. Fried Green Tomatoes moment. She reminds him she's older and faster. Dream Rose tells him they'll start on the count of three. She starts: "One... two..." and back at Mossy Manse, Damon plunges the stake into her heart. A single, perfect manly, Dean Winchester-esque tear rolls down his face as Rose dies in his arms.

Road on the Side of the Woods: Damon meets up with Sheriff Forbes, shows him Rose's corpse in his trunk and says, "Here's your vampire." When the Sheriff thanks him, he says he'll take care of burying the body.

The Grill: Tyler arrives, to meet THS, who tells him she knows he's a werewolf and Caroline is a vampire. She realizes Tyler is brand-new, because he hasn't sniffed out all the vampires in town, yet. She offers her help, but Tyler just wants to know where Mason is. THS tells Ty that Brick House was murdered. True. And that his "little blonde vampire" did it. LIE! THS really needs to die in a fire, yeah? Ty doesn't believe it at first, but when THS informs him that the town is crawling with vampires (which means Caroline lied to him) he starts to doubt his Vampire Barbie. Before we cut away, THS informs our Pudding Pup that there are other werewolves out there, and they're on the way.

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