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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

When the doorbell rings, Alaric answers it to find John standing there. He's totally crashing. What a tool.

Gilbert Gables: When Bonnie arrives and sees Jeremy has the place all lit up with candles, she panics that this is a date. Jeremy tries to play it cool, but can't help but point out that they did like kissing each other. He's a little resentful that Bonnie wants Elena's "okay" before anything else happens between them, but he gets it. He just doesn't like it. And I'm with him. Bonnie, did Elena clear it with you, or Jeremy when she started dating a blood sucking fiend? I think not. Kiss the boy, darn you. Look at him there all hot and hopeful.

Mossy Manse: Elijah arrives, but before he enters, he tells Damon that if his intentions are less than honorable, he will break his deal with Elena, and kill everyone in this house. When Jenna comes out to the hallway, Elijah turns on the charm and shoots it all over her, telling her she looks incredible and whew, you'd better be jealous, Alaric.

At the dinner party, Jenna shares Elijah's factoid about the founding families not being founding families. They talk about anti-witch hysteria that swept through the area, and says the witches were rounded up and tied to stakes in a field and then burnt. Elijah wants to find the spot. He tells Damon it's just "historical curiosity" but we all know that if they were real witches, that must be a highly charged spot now, or something, yeah.

Gilbert Getaway: Elena reads Johnathan's journal and finds information about the oak, the dagger and the ash. It used to be that only wood from this one white oak could kill an Original. Then the tree was burnt down, but someone saved the oak ask. This dagger was made. Blah blee bloo. Stefan admits that Uncle Snark Daddy gave the dagger to Damon. Elena continues reading, and freaks when she learns that the dagger can only be wielded by a human, for it brings death to all demons who use it. Stefan realizes that John is trying to get Damon killed and rushes to call Damon, but Damon must have his phone off. He admits to Elena that Damon is planning on killing Elijah tonight.

Mossy Manse: Damon invites the gentlemen into the study for some cognac. Alaric demurs and stays behind to help the ladies clean up. Jenna doesn't want his help and man, she's pretty cold to him, considering how she just told Andi that she more than likes him. Snark is pleased by this development and when Jenna moves off to the kitchen, he crows to Alaric that he has been poisoning Jenna's mind regarding the circumstances surrounding Isobel's "death." Alaric is ready to throw down right there, but Snark doesn't take the bait. He just reiterates that he wants his protecto-ring back. As Snark wanders, Alaric's phone rings. It's Stefan!

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