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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Elijah and Damon are alone in the study. Damon: "So let me guess, in addition to the moonstone, the doppelganger, the lion, the witch and the wardrobe..." (ha) " need to find this witch burial ground." Elijah asks if Damon knows where it is. Damon won't say yes or no, without knowing why it's so important. As Elijah considers the Salvatores' book collection, Damon raises the dagger. Now, I guess this is supposed to be tense, but we know Damon isn't going to die, so we know Damon isn't going to stab Elijah, so meh. Anyhow, Alaric bursts in with Andi not far behind. Damon drops the dagger as Alaric and Andi say it's time for dessert. Andi leads Elijah back to the dining room, but Alaric can't explain himself to a clearly pissed of Damon, because of Elijah's super hearing, so finally scrawls a note that reads: "The dagger will kill you if you use it."

In the dining room, Jenna apologizes that dessert is taking so long. She heads back to the kitchen laughing about how she just usually unwraps food. Hey, she's a guest! Why is she making dessert, and/or if dessert was her assignment, why didn't she bring a prepared one to the Manse? Oh right, because we need her out of the room. Once she's gone Andi wants to ask Elijah some questions about his research. She sends Alaric to get the notebook out of her bag, and Damon asks Elijah if he knows John is Elena's Uncle Daddy. Elijah knows everything, because he's awesome. But our Evil Pixie Monster ain't so bad, himself. With John sitting right there, he adds, "Well, of course she hates him, so there's absolutely no need to keep him on the endangered species list." Alaric seems to be having no luck finding the notebook so Andi goes to help him. It's then that Elijah starts talking tough. He allows them to remain alive to protect Elena. He allows Elena to continue living at her house and living her life as she chooses, but if her friends become a liability, Elijah will take Elena away and they'll never see him again. Just then, Andi returns with her notebook and starts her first question. Meanwhile, Alaric approaches the table and PLUNGES the knife right into Elijah, who curdles and rots and dies, or at least "dies." Alaric warns Damon to get rid of the body before Jenna returns with the dessert, which is clearly a contrivance cake.

Gilbert Getaway; Night: Elena is mad that that Stefan and Damon went behind her back. It's her life. Stefan knows that, but he wants to ensure she lives it. She wonders if any of his stories about the past are even true, and why he told them to her. He says because there was a point in his life where he was ready to give up, and Lexi helped him through it, and that's what he's trying to do with Elena now, because she has given up. In a flashback, Lexi tells Stefan that he has to stop turning off the parts of him that are human -- the parts that feel. And it will hurt at first, because you have to let it all back in, even the pain, and memories of what he's done. She tells him love is the point. Everything is intensified when one is a vampire. When a vamp hurts, he really hurts, but... "When we love..." Back in the present, Stefan tells Elena that it was from that day forward that he started fighting for his survival and that's all he wants Elena to do, now. He kisses her tenderly, but she doesn't warm to him, so he leaves her in the deck and goes back in the lake house.

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