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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Mossy Manse Dungeon: Alaric and Damon bring Elijah's corpse to one of the cells and Alaric gives Damon a tongue lashing (STOP THAT) for lying to him. He points out that he's Damon's only friend, and they have to be honest with each other.

Gilbert Getaway: Stefan hangs up the phone and tells Elena that Elijah's dead and Alaric did it. Oh, you know he's so going to be alive, so let's find out how. Elena starts reading ye olde journal again, and says, "As long as the dagger stays in place, the Original, for all intents and purposes, is dead." Oh oh. Stefan runs for his phone and calls Damon.

Mossy Manse: Damon runs to the cell and finds it empty.

Manwitch Apartment (look I can't always have clever names for these places): Elijah arrives and tells Senior he needs him to find Elena. "Now." Well, not right now, because we've got to go to commercial.

Gilbert Gables: Bonnie and Jeremy are burning up. They're playing with fire. None of this is a euphemism, and yet it all is. Bonnie explains how she can channel power. Jeremy suggests she channel him, since the human body is mostly water. Bonnie is game. Oh just kiss him, you fool. Nope, instead they do a spell, or start to, but Senior Manwitch bursts in throws Jeremy to the wall using only magic and demands to know what Junior told Bonnie. She says she knows Satan Klaus has Daughter Manwitch and she wants to help him get her back. Senior grabs her face and starts chanting. When he's done, Bonnie's on her knees crying. He warns her that if any harm comes to Junior because of what Bonnie did, she'll answer to him. When he swoops out, Jeremy is released from the wall. He runs to Bonnie as asks her what happened. Her voice is weak when she says, "He took my powers."

Gilbert Getaway: Elena is waiting for Elijah to arrive. Stefan can tell that he's there. Elijah picks up a handful of gravel and throws it at the door, much like he threw the quarters at the cafe window, when Damon and Rose went to see Slater. The door breaks and flies off its hinges. Stefan wants Elena to hide, but she reminds him Elijah can't enter without an invite. Outside Elijah says he'll wait her out. So our fierce girl makes her way to the door and tries to strike a new bargain. He refuses to deal, pointing out that she has nothing left with which to negotiate. She pulls out a knife and says she'd like to see him lure Satan Klaus to town after the doppelganger bleeds to death. Elijah points out that Stefan won't let her day. Elena agrees and says she'll stab herself, let Stefan feed her his blood, and then kill herself so that she will turn, and will be disqualified as Petrova doppelganger pure enough for the sacrifice ritual -- just like Katherine. Elijah calls Elena's bluff, so she doubles down and stabs herself in the gut. Elijah hasn't been invited in the lake house, so he slams into the mystical barrier and begs Elena to let him save her. She makes him promise she can have her deal. Once he gives her his word, she falls out the doorway, into his arms, and RAMS the mystical dagger right into his heart. Stefan rushes to her and feeds her his blood to heal her. Then Damon appears from another room. "A little tip: don't pull the dagger out." Word. It seems Damon got to the Gilbert Getaway first, and he, Elena and Stefan cooked up this whole, risky plan. Stefan's blood heals Elena, and this time, the dagger stays put. I'd be weeping for the loss of Elijah (because damn, he's hot), but this seems to be the perfect set up to bring him back with ease. I suspect that when Satan Klaus slithers into town, Elijah -- the devil they do know -- will come in handy.

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