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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Gilbert Gables Kitchen or Maybe Mossy Manse: Alaric finds Jenna and asks her where John went. She speculates that he disappeared like the rest of the dinner party. She then asks him point blank about Isobel's death. She knows he's lying about something. He won't come clean. His silence is answer enough. She walks off, and John comes in and snarks, "That was awkward." He says he can clear up all this Isobel stuff tomorrow, if Alaric wants. Alaric slips off the ring, puts it on the counter and tells Snark that if he wants it, he can take it. "After what you did to Damon, you're going to need it more than me.

Meanwhile, Damon finds the moonstone on Elijah's corpse. There's more talk about keeping the dagger in place. Elena then lays down the law to the boys. If they want her to fight, she will, but they have to be honest with her and stop excluding her. They agree. She leaves them, and Damon marvels at her change of attitude. Stefan tells him he got through to her by telling him how someone got through to him when he was making the wrong decisions. Damon says, "Lexi?" Stefan's voice is hard as he says, "Yeah, remember her." Damon flashes back to when he first met Lexi as he was leaving the original Salvatore estate. She tries to caution him not to let his hate get the best of him. Damon doesn't acknowledge her point. He just asks her to help Stefan. "He needs it."

Back in the present, Damon makes his way to his room and hears the shower running. He's puzzled because Andi already left. Guess who's in his shower? KATHERINE. All her begging him not to kill Elijah, was a set up. She knew he'd do whatever she asked him not to. Reverse psychology? Always effective when dealing with Evil Pixie Monsters. Still she claims she is going to help him battle the Originals. Standing there dripping and naked, she then asks him for a robe, and that's it for this week!

I'll be back on Friday with a new recaplet. In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then join us on the boards, where all our daggers and metaphorical.

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