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I'm lying in my bed writing this, which is a little tricky since my back only likes me at all when I lie flat. I'm not feeling very humorous, or insightful, or even chatty. So to amuse you, I'll confess I have the laptop on my stomach, I only have one pillow under my head, and my very small bedroom TV is about 12 feet away, on top of my husband's tall bureau. I have a pillow under my knees, am wearing mismatched jammies, and my hair looks like I got it done by Medusa's Poodle's drunken groomer. Take a moment to get the full picture. I hope you at least chuckled, because that's all I've got. Let's get to the "The End of The Affair," now, shall we?

An awful lot happens in "The End of The Affair." There are flashbacks too, which I enjoy watching, but they are a pain in the lower back to recap. Where to begin? How about at the beginning? Damon is at Mossy Manse pouring himself a nightcap when Katherine calls from what might be one of the last working pay phones in America. She lets Damon know that Stefan and Klaus are in Chicago. She denies tracking them, or being anywhere near them, but she so is. She waffles on whether she's looking out for Stefan, but it seems she's doing that, too. I suspect she was an eyewitness to the hissy fit Klaus threw last week, when his baby hybrids died. By the time they left, it was only Klaus and Stefan left alive in the woods. Or was it? Katherine knows enough to tell Damon about it. I wonder how she will prove useful. I hope she will prove useful. I love Nina in the Katherine role, but if she's going to be around, I want her to matter.

When Klaus and Stefan get to Chicago, Klaus asks him if he remembers his Ripper days in the 1920s. Stefan says it's fuzzy -- he doesn't remember many details. Klaus: "Well that is a crying shame. The details are what makes it legend." Klaus narrates over a flashback of a dapper,1920s Stefan making out with a woman in the back of a car and then killing her. "Word was the Ripper of Monterey got lonely, so he escaped to the city for comfort. It was Prohibition. Everything was off limits then, which made everything so much fun." After Stefan is done feeding, he takes a flower from his dead date's hair and repurposes it as a boutonniere. Inside a speakeasy, a young, platinum blonde African American woman (Enisha Brewster is singing to the crowd. Folding money says she's a witch. She announces Mr. Salvatore's presence to the ladies of the club and asks Stefan if he's looking for a good time. He smiles back at her. "Save me a dance, Gloria."

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