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The End of The Affair

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Warehouse of the Undead: Klaus enters and finds Compelled Guy dead, and Rebekah's coffin empty. He calls out, "Rebekah, it's your big brother. Come out, come out, wherever you are." Rebekah Stealth-Salvatores from out of nowhere and plunges the Original killing dagger into Klaus's chest. "Go to Hell, Nik." And we flashback...

Chicago Streets; 1920s, Night: Klaus is trying to get Rebekah to leave with him, but she's waiting for Stefan. Insisting he'll be there any minute. Klaus reminds her that they've been found, and they have to move, or they'll die. Rebekah won't go without Stefan. Klaus says, "Stefan's not coming. We have to disappear. He'll draw too much attention. Let him go." Rebekah doesn't want to run anymore. She wants to be with Stefan. Klaus says, "Fine, then choose. Him or me." When Rebekah closes her eyes, Klaus says, "That's what I thought. Get in the truck." She doesn't follow him. Instead, she just says, "Goodbye, Nik." Klaus takes this about as well as Klaus takes most things, and he plunges the Original killing dagger into her chest. He watches as she dies. We flash forward...

Warehouse of the Undead: Klaus pulls the dagger out of his chest and says, "Don't pout. You knew it wouldn't kill me." Rebekah says, "No, but I was hoping it would hurt more." Klaus: "I understand that you're upset with me Rebekah, so I'm going to let that go, just this once. Brought you a little peace offering." He calls out, "You can come in." Rebekah is shocked to see Stefan. He doesn't recognize her. Klaus walks over to Stefan, lays a hand on his shoulder, turns on the complusion-eye-rays, and says, "Now you remember." Visions flash through Stefan's brain. He looks at his old girl and smiles, "Rebekah." Klaus is behind him now. He calls out, "Stefan?" Stefan turns to him and remembers their friendship. In a flashback, Stefan asks a guy at the speakeasy to take a picture of him and his brother. It's not Damon. It's Klaus. Stefan says, "I remember you. We were friends." Klaus says, "We are friends." He then moves to Rebekah and says, "Gloria tells me you know how to contact the Original witch. [...] You have what Gloria needs." Rebekah's raises a hand to her throat but she realizes the necklace is gone. Klaus swears he didn't touch it. Rebekah freaks. She starts rummaging through her coffin, but it's not there.

Mossy Manse: Katherine is on the phone with Damon again. He tells her she was right. Stefan is in Chicago. She laughs as she asks if it ended in tears and heartbreak. Damon tries to figure out where she is, but she won't tell him. Keep guessing, Damon. Goodbye.

She leaves the phone booth and enters the busy Chicago street.

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