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The End of The Affair

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You May Be Invincible But That Doesn't Make You Funny

1920s Speakeasy: Katherine, looking stunning in full flapper mode, eyes the necklace on the floor of the speakeasy. When she sees Stefan coming, she hides herself. He sees the necklace too. Memory erased, he kneels down, picks it up and looks at it, curiously. Just then, he's tapped on the shoulder by someone from the Chicago P.D. -- if he says his name, I can't hear it. Stefan: "I'm not afraid of you." Cop: "Oh, I'm not here for you." He shows Stefan a sketch of Klaus and Rebekah and asks if he recognizes them. Stefan says, "I've never seen those people before in my life." The cop tells the uniformed officers to wrap it up. "We're through here." Katherine slinks further into the shadows as Stefan goes back to contemplating the necklace.

Current Day: Katherine hails a Chicago taxi and we fade to black.

Put a stake in me. Me and my back are done. I'll be back next week with "Disturbing Behavior" theirs, not mine. In the meantime, please grade the episode up top and join us in the forum, where wooden bullets aren't allowed.

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