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The End of The Affair

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You May Be Invincible But That Doesn't Make You Funny

One The Road Again: As Damon drives, Elena fondles her necklace and Damon says he hopes they find Stefan, "Because it would suck if the only memento of Stefan was that crappy old necklace." Elena: "It's an antique, Damon... like you." It's also gotta be this episode's Chekhov's gun, don't you think? Damon pulls out Stefan's diary from his Chicago days, and says Elena should read it to get a better understanding of Stefan. Being a diarist herself, Elena says she already understands, can handle it and that she's not going to pry into his personal thoughts. Oh, girl. Who you fooling? WHILE HE IS DRIVING THE CAR, Damon reads her an entry about Stefan being a Ripper, and blacking out, and waking up with women he doesn't remember. Damon: "I'm shocked! Stefan's not a virgin?" Elena grabs the diary. "Eyes on the road, Grandma." She then starts reading the diary. Like she wasn't going to the first time Damon stopped for a potty break.

1920s Speakeasy: Gloria is singing and Blonde Shusher is dancing with a man, but she looks over at Stefan, who is laughing it up with a group of guys. When Blonde Shusher looks up at Gloria, she can tells she's annoyed too, so Blonde Shusher leaves her dance partner on the floor, goes over and tells Stefan and the fellas: "Some of us actually came here to hear the music, not you." Stefan is amused and cocky when he asks if he's offending her. She runs a gloved fingertip down his cheek and says, "It would take a lot more than a baby face like this to offend me." When she sashays off, Stefan follows, which is what she intends. When he catches up, he asks Blonde Shusher if she's ever going to tell him her name. She says she will once he's earned it.

Present Day; Bar that was the Speakeasy: Klaus and Stefan walk in. Stefan can't believe the place is still there. Just then Gloria (now played by Charmin Lee) comes out of the back room. She has aged, but not 90 years' worth, more like 20 years' worth. She still bleaches her hair blonde, but it's cropped close now. When Klaus sees her, he says, "So this hybrid walks into a bar, says to the bartender..." Gloria: "Stop. You may be invincible, but that doesn't make you funny." I like her, already. She remembers both men. Stefan can't get over how young she looks. She says it's a combination of herbs and spells that slows down the aging process, but that she'll succumb to age eventually. Aren't you shocked she's a witch? Klaus sends Stefan behind the bar counter to fetch them some drinks. While Stefan is looking around, Klaus tells Gloria that his hybrid spell didn't work. You know, I thought the Doppelganger ritual was just to lift the curse on him, so his werewolf nature was no longer suppressed. I mean, I guess part of the curse must have been that he was unable to create more hybrids. I'm just not crazy about the mythology, here. Am I alone? Anyhow, Gloria knows about Klaus's quest to build a hybrid army. She needs to contact the witch who created the spell in the first place. Klaus points out that she was an Original witch and is way dead. Gloria's got that, Eurotrash. She'll contact her in the great beyond, but she needs something first, so Klaus should bring Rebekah to him. Klaus is all Rebekah can't come to the phone right now, but Gloria says if he wants her help, she needs Rebekah.

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